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3/10/2010 c12 5Stickki
Well. The slash part was quite hard to read, since I had to squirm and cover my eyes every few lines. It was pretty wrong, but also quite humorous.

As for the requests:

I'd like to see the extended Tali/Shep flirt scene. You know, the one with "It seems you're suggesting something..." Could be really funny.
3/10/2010 c12 ReDMaNiFeST
Lol, while the second half was pretty damn disturbing, the fact that you wrote several alternate endings made me laugh my ass off :D

Please grace us with more hilarity =)
3/10/2010 c5 Shyne2G2
I've read The story so far and love it all. I wish the real game had more funny. One thing is that I believe it's Spectre and not Specter. Other than that it's awesome.
3/10/2010 c12 5Candle in the Night
Oh my god I got a huge mention in chapter 12! (Blushes) So proud...

Ahem. With that total loss of maleness of my part I can finally review the chapter! It was...interesting to say the least! Yes very. To be honest I thought Garrus handled himself with the dignitity of any Turian. Also nice to see a hint of a back story to Garrus, very orginal.

Ok you are tottally right, I shouldn't just say "write more Tali" stuff and expect you to come up with something. How about this- Tali's loyalty mission to the Fleet. Hm that may not be humour material though- it was pretty sad. Oh well there is one suggestion at least!
3/10/2010 c12 11Knightmare Gundam of Ni
Just read what all the chapters you have up so far today, and I gotta say I love it. Especially the spam-related chapters, those were funny.

The Golden Rule: This has all the things I love. A bad-ass Shepard and a lot of humor. Probably my favorite so far. My personal favorite moment was Shepard acting out over the golden rule, that was good.

The Omake: originally, I skipped over this one when I read your Author's Note, but then I read the alternate endings and went back to make sure I had it in perspective. I squirmed every second I read it. I can't imagine how it was to write it.

Request: I think you've had every ME2 crewmember in a chapter except Mordin and Legion. And maybe Jack, but I'm more interested in the former two. If it's not a bother, could you write a bit with them in it?
3/9/2010 c11 Dawn Gazer
Out of all of your little shortfics, the first two, and this one are definitely my favorite. Allow me to explain: The first two various Hussy fics were simply hilarious because they were so precious and adorable AND funny.

I'm not a huge Tali/Shep shipper like a lot of people are, but I find the character and the coupling adorable. You were able to summon up...Shall we say, Tali's 'zesty' side, all the while making me exchange between big grins and happy laughs. I also liked it simply for the reason that I always wondered WHY the respective female romantic interests were THAT silent for it. Another way you might have taken it is them simply boiling with anger. Like a volcano about to violently erupt, like a catfight!

*Briefly imagines a catfight with Tali, Jack, or Miranda*


*Ahem* Anyway, that and I liked the way you handled it, to be honest. I've always been a fan of Grunt's character, so seeing him mix it up, so to speak, with Tali was great. Which brings me to 101.

I liked it, but then again I didn't like it. Allow me to explain again: It was serious and funny, just as you said, and for that it makes it twice as much worth the read. The fight scene flowed, it was fun to read, and easy to imagine. The whole ficlet was hilarious, ESPECIALLY the ending, as that was kinda how I imagined it too. WELL DONE!

I'm biased though, so I tend to rather like Grunt's character. I personally would have liked to see him have more air time in the ficlet portion, and have actually contribute more to death of that Thresher Maw.

It's your stories and you can do with it as you will, but in my honest opinion he wouldn't be quite so...Quick to exhalt Shep. Granted he does, and more than once, but he seldom does it. When a Krogan says it ONCE its HUGE, as I thought in the game it needant be said a whole lot. Instead of talking about why they think their Battlemasters are so awesome, I've always been under the inclination that they'd try to KILL something for them, mostly when their fighting.

BUt that's just how I see it personally! I've found each chapter to be a joy to read, especially the arc with Shep nabbing the girl's shower room. Please keep up the good work!
3/9/2010 c12 9Vesvius
This was good. Well, at least uptil the slash. I skipped that. Nothing wrong with it, but I just tend to avoid it. Thanks for the warning, BTW.

Okay, requests? I can do that.

I've got two for you.

The first is a Shepard-Grunt bonding fic, where the two just hang out and relax. I always love the interaction between the two. Plus, Grunt is just awesome. It always seems to me that he looks up to Shepard as a father only just doesn't say it.

The second is a Shepard/Miranda fic. I've noticed you haven't done any of those yet, so I think it might be a good way to change it up. Maybe just after a mission, Shepard goes to see Miranda and ask what she's doing with her free time now that she's quit Cerberus (This assumes you blew up the base, rather then saving it).

Well, those are my requests, take em or leave em. Either way, keep the shorts coming! Good stuff.
3/9/2010 c12 14Kudara
Hahaha, ok that was funny in it's entirety. Including the part where you had to write slash.
3/9/2010 c12 2Mercsenary
lulz. Love the second alternate ending to the omake.
3/9/2010 c3 tankanon
What? No reviews for Chapter 3?

Blasphemy. This is one of the funnier bits in this collection.

Here you go. +1
3/9/2010 c12 tankanon
Ha ha ha, oh wow.

Good chapter. Though every time Shepard said "No homo" I kept thinking that he would suggest to Garrus that they go pound some brewskis and catch some easy hoes.

Also with my request, the ball is in your court. I have no idea what the situation should be like.

Also, first.
3/9/2010 c11 ReDMaNiFeST
"Bitch'n" PRICELESS! Haha, lovin' it man. Keep em' comin.
3/8/2010 c11 2Angurvddel
Still think it'll get him killed, just not necessarily with guns.
3/7/2010 c11 5Candle in the Night
O i really loved the blend of humour and seriousness in chapter 11, really well done. And nice aftermath of killing the thresher maw too, that was good.

I do have a small request though, if you don't mind of course. Please write more Tali! Thank you.
3/7/2010 c6 Candle in the Night
EDI:...Joker did it

Perhaps my fave line of the entire fic. I'm loving this at the moment!
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