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4/26/2010 c13 Tsar001
You know, Doflamingo is my favorite Warlord, right in front of Mihawk. Or is it the other way around...? Nah, Mihawk is me fav, Doflamingo is 2nd and Crocodile is (was) third
4/26/2010 c13 28Son of Whitebeard
comment on this chapter, and I've puts lots in it. So make sure you do a big comment?

Any questions on this chapter please place them in your comment?

Looking forward to reading them?

Son of Whitebeard:
4/20/2010 c8 4Sir Gar the Bold
aww, i wanted to use that fruit! sadly, as mal reminded me not too long ago, one piece fanfiction is all about coming up with the devil fruits first. i like the story, though. nice original feel to it.

-sir gar the bold
4/20/2010 c12 Tsar001
4/20/2010 c11 Tsar001
Just realized that the Arlong in this fic is more powerful and cooler than the one in the manga/anime
4/20/2010 c10 Tsar001
Wait, how can she have a 'German accent' if Germany is not a place nor are there German peoples in the world of One Piece? 0.o
4/20/2010 c9 Tsar001
Lolz, Gol is such a dork. Whitebeard clobbered the shit out o' him.
4/20/2010 c8 Tsar001
Great chappie! I love Picasso's devil fruit, it ties in with the name you gave him. Just a quick question; did you come up with his name THEN devil fruit, or the devil fruit and than his name?
4/20/2010 c7 Tsar001
Dam, I thought I reviewed these, WTF is going on with my review button? GAH!

Anyway, poor poor Garp...what a respectable, if weird, hero he were
4/19/2010 c12 1Sir Thames
Good work here, mate. Carry on.
4/18/2010 c12 6ichiro92
Kind of creepy how Crocodile just recruits Mr. 3 right in front of his own father, but otherwise good ideas. I still think you can improve your story greatly if you vary up your story, make breaks in them, spent more time to explain things, ect., ect., but if you like this style, then more power to you.
4/18/2010 c1 7Explorer of the Unknown
Nice very interesting. Just one question, why'd you want me to read it?
4/18/2010 c12 28Son of Whitebeard
Check out the last chapter of the Whitebeard Mini-Arc, it's great and thrilling...

The next chapter, will be good as you see a grand battle between the Whitebeard Pirates and Crocodile's Baroque Works...
4/11/2010 c11 26Aoi24
You do seem to have plenty of imagination but unfortunately this lacks coherency and it is very difficult to follow.To be perfectly honest, it seems like one long list of: "He did this and then and then and then." The majority of sentences almost seem to be 'X said phrase happily/sadly/etc'. Half the time, their emotions and way of speaking makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Why is there randomly magic powers? Nothing is clearly explained and illogical references are made. (to Africa for one thing)

Description is thin on the ground and is definitely missed. you hop from scene to scene without any sort of link or break leaving everything even more confused.

Sengoku's logic for killing Garp and his family makes absolutely no sense and while you seem to be doing your best to shoe-horn in as many characters as humanly possible you fail to give them any meaningful purpose before rushing off to the next scene.

AU is all well and good but there is far from enough description and narrative to make it work.
4/7/2010 c11 1Sir Thames
Rather interesting. Carry on.
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