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12/2/2022 c26 RukiaSakura
Wow so beautiful great story really enjoyed it!
11/14/2022 c7 Janette Rodriguez
Espero que incluso aquí Orihime no quede con ichigo , no la tolero
8/8/2020 c11 Anonymous T
Does he really give up being the head of the kuchiki clan for the sake of rukia That's sweet and all but that's just b**s**t . you've got me on the edge of my seat so keep on writing and I'll keep on reading your work
8/8/2020 c5 Anonymous T
I love the story so far and I just can't wait to read
11/13/2017 c22 2Redshamin
I love this story...that being said here's my criticism rukia's a let me explain myself and keep in mind that since this story is written almost entirely from a female prospective you must think from byakuyas (byak) prospective. In the early parts of this story rukia keeps hanging around ichigo, the man byak dose not like but they weren't making out then so OK but after the drink byak takes ruki out all over the place and eventually sees her job wearing skimpy outfits, ruki hose off when told not to work their...look the man was jealous because the customers where looking at her legs..then byak purchases a home for both of them in human world and the first thing she dose is let ichigo stay over for weeks..c'mon, then byak catches him on the sofa of his human home and totally ruki did a good job not letting byak kill her Freind but afterwards she should have sent that man home because out of respect and it was causinh trouble in her relationship. Later she finds out that he was "drugged" and her reaction is to stop all sex with him and question if he loves her...That is understandable but its her I don't want to rat breakfast, don't want to see him etc that's over the top. Later she finds she is pregnant and she never tells byak and continues to avoid him. Meet later lies and says she is preg by byak and rukia believes long has ruki known byak..50 years and he never had sex in 50 years and in those 50 years meet has been after him and he never even looked at her sexualy ever you would think ruki would know byak or trust him a little better and even if she doubt's him at least stop and hear the man out, instead of swallowing meets so obvious lie hole. Then at the meeting the worst of all she was contemplating the idea of pass ing his child off as another's or leaving for those two years and waiting things if I missed my baby's birth and only learned I had a child two years after it was born...she'd think I became a hollow. Point is she's a dumbass and byak needs a fucking male backbone and some serious aggression and not always trying to be . and please stop thinking about sex.
10/12/2016 c27 Meenathequeen
the wedding is what i would like to see. and also Meers grandmother to see if the elders will kick her of the council or have her disowned. surprise me.
9/24/2016 c27 PAMILA DE CASTRO
Espero que vc volte a escrever! Abraços
2/1/2016 c27 fernandaE
Love it
1/2/2016 c27 ENDKR
Please continue this absolutely adorable story!
12/12/2015 c27 alicia.jen.havens
It is easily one of my favorite fanfic stories. I wished you had continued writing.
7/12/2015 c27 notsoweirdgirl
I wish to see...An amazing wedding!Also, I wanna see what happened to deserves some love...*cough**cough*
4/14/2015 c27 laexdream
This story is really good. I think some parts are a bit rushed, but overall, a really well done story. I'd like to see people's reactions to the baby (I always think that kind of thing is fun, like Matsumoto gushing over how cute they are, or the Kuchiki elders finally approving Rukia as a good wife to Bya-chan).
3/11/2015 c27 bspooky3
Awe there here, the babies are here! Please update! Please, please, please
3/6/2015 c20 GiouYuki
Byakuya looks so ugly when his feelings were so lovely to Rukia. I will never ever like that guy.
2/18/2015 c27 Guest
Please please update:) I really love this story!
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