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7/15/2014 c1 Guest
So I'm guessing Danny stays as team leader. Matt and Gideon Anderson may still exist but in a peaceful future. Jess never joins the team and nor does Emily or she may still enter our time through an anomaly but Lester decides what to do with her.

Lester remains director of the Anomaly Research Centre. Sarah lives and Becker stays. The Anomaly Research Centre is never decommissioned.

Phillip Burton never shows up as there is no need for him and the project, New Dawn, is never initiated. Abby and Connor stay in their flat plus they get to keep Rex and the Diictodon.
7/7/2013 c1 38TheSingingPterodactyl
Awwe! This was the AU we all wish happened... I want to cry because it didn't happen!
Loved it, 'bout time for them to get together. Great writing!
10/15/2012 c1 15Nocturnal Elle
Very sweet. And oh, if only Sarah were still at the ARC, listening to Metallica!
4/30/2012 c1 9Crystal2222
I love it-so sweet. It was great to see Connor get angry and disgusted with Abby, and I loved how you showed the lightbulb going off above her head. He really needed to hear her explanation of her behavior to him. And the last joke was the perfect ending.
9/4/2011 c1 Trude
this is simply wonderful - thank you for writing
8/19/2011 c1 3edwardfiend
Very sweet. Really really liked it. Loved the use of the lizards as representation of their relationship. :D
8/18/2010 c1 drumrush
This was KING! Am I the only one who found the hilarious IRONY in the play on words when you said SEASON? I don't know if you even thought about it or not, but when you wrote: "But she shot him down. Then the season was over..." , I thought about their 'relationship' progressing over the past three seasons/series' and how in the first season particularly he tries and she shoots him down. Whether that was intentional or not, it was excellent! This whole story was BER.IL.E.ANT! LOVED. IT.
3/15/2010 c1 73BregoBeauty
Great one-shot! Aw, could Connor be anymore adorable if he tried? :)
3/14/2010 c1 4kate.is.doing.performing.arts
best ending ever.
3/12/2010 c1 61Hidden Relevance
Man I love it when authors I already follow for other series end up gravitating to my new faves too! I actually have just recently stumbled on to Primeval and I love it! (Despite the writers going axe happy by the end of 2 beginnign of 3.. I've not yet forgiven them for Stephen.. or Cutter for that matter lol)

Anyway, Connor and Abby's relationship was so stinking adorable.. painfully awkward but adorable. I think you really showed that well here!
3/11/2010 c1 izzypop
Pure cuteness! Love it!
3/1/2010 c1 DeeDeeCat
So glad I started reading the Primeval stories! Love love love love this so much it's not even funny. You tell her Connor!
2/22/2010 c1 22Heavenmetal
angsty start with a very sweet finish, a great blend. :D
2/20/2010 c1 EarsNWhiskers
Love this! You really captured both of them so well. I hope the writers of the show get a clue so Connor can stop sporting the sad puppydog eyes.
2/20/2010 c1 17CarolinaH.Manning
wow. this is perfect. so them. so right. so sad on one side but happy too because they sorted out their mess. love it
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