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for A Lazy Day It Was Not

9/10/2018 c3 HumorGirl
That was FUCKING HILARIOUS!...eh..ahem pardon my language but seriously that was one of the most hilarious things I have ever seen on !

Signing off,
11/13/2015 c1 HelloFatcat 32
What the heck?! That was terrible! Sorry I am not trying to sound mean. And PLEASE do NOT email me if you even can... Anyway this story makes no sense. But um... Really please don't be offended! :3
11/8/2015 c3 Guest
First good rest STUPID!
11/28/2014 c3 Guest
Bwahaa so funny
4/23/2014 c1 Midnight
7/22/2012 c3 Niani17
Oh my gosh. Love this!
The cliché that irks me the most is when writers make Starfire say 'Friend -insert name here-'. I don't recall EVER hearing her saying that in the series. I guess people do this because she refers to a group a people as 'friends' (if they are her friends, of course).
I have to admit, at first I thought you were serious with the writing, until I got close to the end of the first chapter, and read the description closely. I was like "Seriously?" And then when I realized, I laughed so hard at the rest of the story. LOL XD
I believe I'm only guilty of 2 clichés: Raven reading, and Cy/Bee, but I only did them once. Not offended AT ALL. :)
To be honest, bloopers don't bug me, but then again, I've only read one. It was good. The Red X thing doesn't bother me either. Regardless, it was still hilarious how you made fun of these two clichés. LOL.
One you may have missed (that I've only seen once, thank God (I'm sure there's more, though), but heard many times), was Starfire being ditzy. I saw one where Cyborg put on a hat or something and she thought he was a different person. That just plain ticked me off. Starfire is my favorite character, and she's actually quite smart (check my profile for examples if you'd like! :) )
Once again, great story. I know it says complete, but I want to follow this story anyway, just in case you continue. I hope you do! :)
7/15/2012 c3 68BlatantBookworm
Uh... cool.

Now, I'm sure you really really really don't want a dozen 'good' bloopers to be sent to you, so i won't. Some are funny, but yeah - never to be taken seriously. I don't like it when they knock down the fourth wall.

Great st-

Actually, sorry. I can't say those words truthfully here. It's NOT a great story, because that's the POINT. But I totally agree with all your points (alright, not the Red X hating one, but he is definitely overused and his character has been ripped apart...)

Keep it up!
11/6/2011 c2 EmilyJoy
this is so great. Have you seen Not Another Teen Movie? that is exactly what this reminds me of(:
11/6/2011 c1 EmilyJoy
hahahahahahaha I love you, this is so great. I once read about one page of a story where star said 'friend -' every other word and then I rage quit XD I also thought it was creepy that when people get together the authors start referring to them as lovers...they're like 16
7/7/2011 c3 11cartoonstar
I really enjoyed this story and how you made fun of parodies for the Titans. You're really good at this parody stuff I admire that :)
4/11/2011 c3 TwinkleSterre
Congratulations, you got me rolling x) This resemble's pretty much every annoying point in cliche fanfics!

There are still a few missing though:

-Starfire bursting into cries at every harsh word from Robin (honestly, where do people get this from! She cried once or twice in the complete series :\ )

-Robin always being the *sshole causing the fights even when he didn't really do anything

-Raven reading minds! (she can't, deal with it)

-Characters being overtalented, appearently all titan hero's have multiple talents in music, sports, creative stuff and who knows what else, which are clearly good enough to give them world wide fame in their adult years

-The male/female ratio of the gang perfectly balanced o.0 not every titan has to date, ficwriters out there! And if they do, it doesn't necessarily have to be with an other titan from the gang

That where the main points i guess (ough, weight off my chest!) btw, I DO like red x, sorry :p I always assumed the name Xavier Redd was chosen so readers could regonize him in the high school stories, so it never bothered me that much.

Anyway, I like your other stories a lot, all of them! Especially the two with Tim and Ryan as the match making little brothers (I wish my little brother would get me a hot date *sigh*)

I hope you'll post an other story soon!

1/16/2011 c1 Violet
Hhmm...That was a good read. You're good with parodies. Now, if you'll excuse me, time to go read another fanfic before my head explodes from this migraine! AGH!
8/29/2010 c3 80Faith-o-saurus
Hahaha I love this. I'm also incredibly sick of Red X and hate when people put those damn author's notes in every second. And how Starfire always says 'friend' and practically everything else you pointed out. Love it.
8/9/2010 c1 14gelatofornicodiangelo
ur ryt dose pointless notes did bug me i was starting to regret ever reading this story but it was so funny i cant stop laughing!
7/10/2010 c3 30dormiralabelleetoiles
I hate those blooper things, especially with OCs! OCs annoy me. So much.

Thank you for writing this, it shows people how annoying their writing can be.

Keep Writing!

P.S. I love that meerkat.com advert!
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