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7/10/2010 c3 myheroisbatman
Lol- I read all three parodies, they were AWESOME!

I HATE bloopers, because the concept of them for Teen Titans just makes no sense and they usually involve some random OC/self-insert from the author to make witty comments. And high school fanfics are cool until everyone does them. I'll read them if they're well-written, though.

Really funny parodies though- you even found a way to make those idiotic mid-chapter author notes amusing. ;D
7/10/2010 c3 23Star of Airdrie

It has been said. Should I be surprised that it was BerryDrops that said it? No, I don't THINK so!

I thought I was missing something. It was a genetic deletion, a generation or cultural difference. I love the bloopers shows. I laugh for hours at the TV one. Hell, my husband has blooper reels from his radio commercials. All funny. The fanfic bloopers? uh, not so much. No, scratch that not at all. Or at least anymore.

As usual my Anglo friend, you have rebalanced my faith in the universe and reaffirmed that I am not alone!


5/18/2010 c2 10Emmi Fireworkz
Just a note - Richard Grayson, Rachel Roth, Garfield Logan, Victor Stone, Wally West, and Roy Harper are apparently all their comic-book counterpart's secret identity names. And Garth something-or-other is apparently Aqualad's name. But I agree, most of the cliches you did are pretty unoriginal. Good job - I'll keep a lookout for them if I ever write TT fics.
5/3/2010 c2 Redtha
I agree on all the points you made and think you did a great job pointing out the flaws so commonly used in TT fics.

There's so much Cy/Bee fics, I wish more people were aware of Herald/Bee. Most comic canon couples are way too overlooked.

For author notes, I think it should be done as footnotes as you have it. And if there's something the author wants to point out within the story they can do numbers or something and have the explanation in footnotes. Like it's done in regular stories (and even that's rare).
4/15/2010 c2 11cartoonstar
OMG! LMAO! I laughed so much, I love it!

Omg, now I feel like writing a cliche... Lol!

The funniest part to me was the POVs. And I like how Kitten, Jinx, and Aqualad had so many names.

Oh, you know what this reminds me, Not Another Teen Movie. You know, that movie with all the high school movie/television show cliches.

Anyways I thought this was awesome! ^_^ And because I'm greedy and want to read more I'm going to suggest you write another High School parody chapter since alot of highschool stories have sequels, and there is still a vast number of high school cliches you can touch upon.

Again, awesome chapter, I loved it! ^_^
4/14/2010 c2 36FrivolousFlare
Ooh! Funny! I'm probably guilty of some of these without realising it...(whoops...) So yeah, probably gonna be a big help! Again, thanks for the feed back! (Good to know you were being completely honest!)

Keep Writing!
4/14/2010 c2 8mastersam
Y'know... it wasn't until I'd read this that I realized just how badly I was doing the 'Friend x' thing. Thanks for the reminder. I could have swore that she'd done it at some point in the show, but if not, I'm just having her stop before I make myself look even stupider.
4/13/2010 c2 ERgal
Funny! Great job - gotta love those HS AU's!

Have you read "All things Titan" by Star of Airdrie? Its a parody abt Starfire in the comics and Starfire in the cartoon - Starfire is different - but not as different as Raven is!

very, very funny - write more - love the Brit stuff too you taunt us Yanks with

Tally Ho!
4/13/2010 c2 23Star of Airdrie
Not affended. So not affended. Great Parody.

I guess naive Starfire might be virginal as the cartoon portrays her but it is a bit inconsistent with the sold into slavery - have you seen the multitude of races that she was enslaved by/sold to in the comics? They certainly didn't keep their hands to themselves (I liked how I handled it in Lavaliere when the Gordanians were too 'the inadequate' to consummate things ;-) Plus they did kiss to learn languages but they also kissed for the normal reason...

And Playboy Robin or Dick Grayson. In the Cartoon...? Kitten thought he was cute, sure. Whatever with Raven, people can argue about that ridiculousness but I'd rather worry about why the world economy is emploding or why are we are still working on that cure for cancer but that's just me. In the comics, Dick wasn't a himbo until he was Nightwing and until Devin Grayson got a hold of him. They retconned a lot. Originally he was very moral - Star was his first - he wasn't her's.

Nice job. Favorited of course, Friend BerryDrops!

Love, Friend LJ

Star of Airdrie
4/13/2010 c2 30dormiralabelleetoiles
In those list of most hated things, I only do one...or two...hopefully I don't use too many author's notes!

I don't get why people make Richard Grayson the play-boy either! I just make him a normal boy in my story...and I only used Xaiver like once (when I was still learning...if you know what I mean...) Kitten, I just made up someone else who's a huge fan of Richard/Robin (just read an alternate dimension if you're confused and prepared to read horrible writing). And well...Kori and loads of other girls aren't stupid enough to be not a virgin during school...so...

In conclusion, I wasn't offended.

Keep Writing!
I read your profile and STOP COMPLAINING!Man I was laghing at how much you sounded like my grandma.The story didn't make any sense.I'm just going to list why and sorry if your not liking what I am writing.

1.Red X is a theif so ofcourse he stole from Robin.(just wanted to bug you)

2.Raven is not a jealous person definitly not over Robin and Starfire.I do not care if you expiained why you wrote it just don't it's stupid.

3.Starfire DOES talk like that and maybe not at the begening because they weren't really friends yet but she DOES.

4.Red X is not madly in love with either of the girls.He just called Star cutie one time and that was because he was having fun.

Advice:don't go ranting first people don't like it.DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT GO LIKE YOU KNOW EVERYTHING LIKE WRITING WHAT NOT TO DO AND EXPLAIN WHY YOU WROTE SOMETHING.Don't cause it makes you sound stuck up.I'm a real patient person and only give reviews on the people who realy tick me off and you TICK ME OFF. I just wanted to write that and you can count on me on never reading one of your storys again it might not seem much but trust me it is.

P.S. sorry you don't have a life that you have to complain all the time.How about spend it doing somthing useful like raeding.(this is not complaining I'm just saying the Truth.BY AND HAVE A GREAT LIFE)
2/18/2010 c1 legomenta
I agree with everything you said, but Red X isn't an OC. He was created by the producers and therefore is cannon. OCs are characters that authors create for their own stories. It's like calling Mas y Menos an OC, or Melvin, Timmy, and Teether, or Kyd Wykkyd and all those people. Try using another phrase in the future.
2/18/2010 c1 dormiralabelleetoiles
heh...this was a parody? I thought this was for real...for a bit...*looks sheepish*

Man...do I put in that many author's notes? And i Agree with you I absolutely HATE redx/rae because redx is just robin really and I HATE ROB/RAE! IT MAKES NO BEEP SENSE! I like rae/bb and robstar the most!

Keep Writing!
2/17/2010 c1 5OnBladedWings
I laughed. I tried not to, but I did. Because frankly, you hit it right on the nose. I'm glad I'm not the only one sick of X!
2/17/2010 c1 11cartoonstar

I'm reading this, and I'm giggling like every second. Omg I loved this!

Oh, I loved how in the beginning when you said what each Titan was doing, for Raven you did "Oh yeah! Raven was reading." I don't know what it was about that sentence, but I laughed so hard.

"Not only did he steal his suit but he tried it on with Starfire his girlfriend... well at the time she was just his friend but damn it did he have feelings for her then!" I loved that sentence. :) It's so true, he did have feeling for her.

Oh, and when you did "(AN- I’m going to interrupt the flow of this story with a pointless authors note and annoy the hell out of my readers... now back to the story.)" I thought that was really funny. Seriously though, I hate it when people do that! I could be really into the story, and then bam! Right in the middle of it that thing shows up and I'm like "Oh c'mon!" Seriously, save it for before or after you start the story. Don't do it in the middle... unless you gotta warn them about something seriously, like if it's a drug, sex, etc scene.

Ha! It was funny when you called Raven a goth.

I thought it was really cool how you had Beast Boy question why Starfire was saying "Friend" before everyone's name. Yeah, that was annoying when she said friend before everyone's names. She sounded kinda robotic or something, I don't know, it was just weird.

Robin/Starfire scene was great. It reminded me of some cheesy romance flick.

Oh, and another thing that you did that was funny was how you said Xavier Red-I mean Red X.

Wow, this was a great read. It was funny how you poked fun at all the cliches, lol you remind me of my english teacher. We're writing poetry in my class now, and he likes "If I see one cliche I will become your worse enemy!"

Anyways, great story! ^_^ It really made me laugh :)
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