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4/2/2021 c1 Molly
This has been my favorite song since I was in sixth grade totally got me crying. LOVED IT!
4/2/2021 c1 Isa Smk
This made me cry...
10/10/2020 c1 3MsChrisAnn
Oh this story made me cry! Beautiful. Sentimental, and nostalgic.
5/1/2018 c1 Truckee Gal
Lee and Amanda living a long life together makes for an incredibly satisfying story. Don't understand why Lee couldn't be wheeled down once a day for a visit with his wife. The utter insensitivity of that place made me cry! This country owes them better than that for their years of service. Not spring chickens anymore themselves, Phillip and Jamie better look into a legal way to turn this covert operation into an everyday occurrence. The song fit well with this poignant love story.
2/23/2010 c1 calinour
loved the story, however it should have a tissue warning but also AU-because there is no way on earth Lee would have not seen Amanda for four months or only twice in the previus two months. And no reason what-so-ever that the home or anyone else would have stopped him from seeing his wife.
7/7/2009 c1 Terry Kay
Sweet! Almost made me cry.
4/21/2002 c1 tvgirl13
Wow! That was great, Laura! Definitely needs a tissue warning! Made me teary-eyed.
3/8/2002 c1 Jalynrn
waaaahhhh... Sniffle... sniff... that song has always gotten to me and to see it applied like this... ohhh...

So sad... so beautiful.

2/10/2002 c1 Boots
Thank God they allow husband and wife to live together at care centers in Iowa when both have the need. Why the separation in your story?
2/3/2002 c1 rsfanatic
awwwwww, this was such a sweet story. I agree though...it does need a tissue warning.
1/31/2002 c1 Michelle
I am a huge fan of this song, so I pulled out my old Kathy Mattea cassette and listened as I read the story. I was already prepared for the inevitable tears, although a tissue warning would definitely be in order for those unfamiliar with the song already. I love how you applied the verses to Lee and Amanda. The sentiment behind the words of the song fit them perfectly and you told it beautifully. Very sweet story.
1/31/2002 c1 Danielle
Cute Story :)

Alright, I do have one comment though, I think the timing is off. When we see Lee and Amanda they are in their Mid 30's...so over 50 years later would put them in like late 80's. Well, Philip and Jamie are young teenagers so 50 years later for them would make them at least in their 60's right? Probably even older because figure it took a while to get rid of the mystery marriage etc. SO the term "two middle-aged men " is a bit off. I know this is nit picky, just hit me. The whole scene just felt like they were younger acting then they would have been by that age, athough I don't know for sure.

Really Nice story though! Especially liked the 2nd scene.
1/30/2002 c1 pam
Thank you so much! I have always loved that song, and the story fit perfectly!

1/30/2002 c1 mrs mulder
Oh my gosh! I loved this..made me all teary...but I loved it! very sweet and touching!
1/30/2002 c1 SMKOBSESSED
I loved it! It made me cry, but I loved it! Well, Titanic made me cry, but I love that too! ME WANT MORE!

Jessica R.
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