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5/24/2019 c24 Armiture
I rather liked this story and I plan to read the sequel.
5/23/2019 c14 Armiture
It took me a while to remember why Victoria Winters sounded so familiar, nice Dark Shadows reference.
12/15/2016 c24 Sailor Barsoom
OK this was pretty good. I was able to follow despite being only passingly familiar with Babylon 5. For instance, I had no idea who Alfred Bester is, but I know now. Played by Walter Koenig I presume?

It was good to see Gary Seven again.
9/15/2016 c24 Maria Kelly
Well! I must say that I really enjoyed your story, even though I got a bit of a headache while I was reading it. I've always liked "cast of hundreds" entertainments (for instance, The Longest Day" is one of my favorite movies for just that reason), and since I love both Star Trek and Babylon 5, it was cool to see a Mashup story about them.

I got so interested in your story that I've totally ignored my reading homework for my British History class. I look forward to reading the next part of this trilogy. Live Long and Prosper!
10/26/2013 c1 Val Hrd
I have read this whole story, and want to tell new readers they are in for a treat. Packed with familiar characters, this one brings together two characters beautifully played on TV by Walter Koenig, with Gary Seven - whose TV series really should have gone ahead. Good work, Susan!
11/27/2010 c24 3Nairda
I wish I could write characterization like you. You should make your stories longer though. You definitely have what it takes to make epic ones.
6/29/2010 c24 28Foxcat93
Great epilogue to a great story! Wow! All the threads are pulled together. Interesting that Pavel recognizes Dr. Pulaski as Miranda Jones (weren't they played by the same actress if I am not mistaken?). Thankfully Bester has no knowledge of Pavel's whereabouts anymore. Interesting that Pavel is retaining his psi ability. And fascinating how Scotty put himself in suspended animation.

The older version of Roberta Lincoln wants to make things right to relieve her conscience of having left him with Bester. Thankfully in this reality Pavel has not died. A very funny bit about Scarlet's Dowd father impersonating the Vorlon and saying all Vorlons were named Kosh!

A great story, imaginitive and with some humor in the narrative too. The time travel element is always interesting and intriguing to me. I loved Isis the cat and little Alice a lot. The other characters were very interesting...and of course who doesn't love Scotty, McCoy and Checkov? Bester is a wonderful villain. Perhaps he will return one day o wreak more havce on the Star Trek or Babylon 5 universes. Interesting about his evil ties to the devil and the role the Jack the Ripper character played.

All I can say is Bravo!
6/29/2010 c23 Foxcat93
Very good chapter! I got a real kick out of you mentioning the "Cat from Outer Space" (that is the movie you were referring to, isn't it?) Anyway, that movie is the reason I got my little Aby Teddy, the one that lived for 19 years. I had never seen Abys before and Zak, the little guy in the movie was the cutest cat I had ever seen...so I had to have one. The original Spot was an Aby too.

On with the review...Alice is a cutie, having telepathic abiliies herself is picking up thoughts she doesn't understand. And the strange kitty who bacame a lady and the invisible one...this must be very amazing to her.

Thank goodness Checkov is recovering sufficiently to be aware and speak, even if only in Russian. (Do you speak Russian? That was neat to put in some Russian dialogue...adds to the authenticity of the story).

And Scotty is at his friend's bedside and discovers that Pavel has telepathic abilities now...

On to the next chapter...
6/29/2010 c24 5LADYMALLARD
This was a fantastic story from start to finish. Re-writing history, sometimes is a bad thing, but in this case it's a very good thing. Bester is foreever out of their hair, we hope, Chekov will be fine and has a special ability now. Roberta won't have to feel as guilty about how he was injured, with his forgiveness having been given to her. This was an exciting and sometimes suspenceful story, but all's well that ends well...and I've always loved happey endings. Great Job!
6/27/2010 c23 LADYMALLARD
Little Alice must have been quite disturbed, learning more about her father than any kid should need to know, concidering Bester's attitude about special people like herself and Ms. Scarlet. Her curiosity about Isis is fun to read about. It's good that the mission that Scarlet and Isis were sent on had been accomplished and that they had made it back to Mr. Sevens apt. away from the Psi Corps on B5. Pavel having psychic powers and his reaction to seeing Scotty was interesting too. It was amazing that Dr. Pulaski could translate Pavel's Russian, having never understood it before. And the sudden appearence of Mr. Seven and Roberta was as astounding to Mr. Scott. Another great chapter, I can't wait for the next to appear. Till next time.
6/20/2010 c22 LADYMALLARD
This has certainly been an interesting chapter, ranging from little Alice's adventure, chasing Isis into the elevator and Scarlet explaining to the young telepath about this unusual "Kitty" to Isis herself changing to her human form so as to be safer in the B5 world while she and Scarlet tryed to complete their mission. Bester it seems has tortured and killed felines befor, having killed a defenseless kitten in thee most horrible fashion. It's no wonder that he had no qualms about what he did to Isis back at Seven's apt. I got a kick out of the way his wife scolded him about hurting and nearly killing Chekov and was surprised about the "Twinge of guilt Bester experianced after injuring his double with the mind probe. It was neet you brought Scotty into the story. Gary Seven's mistake with the teletype be miss-set was an interestingly fun thing to read about, as well as Besters giving his daughter the middle name of Lucretia of the famous Borgias. It would be in perfect character for a satinist to have done that. Great job with this new chapter. till next time
6/20/2010 c22 28Foxcat93
Another great chapter...

OOh that horrible Bester, killing kitties and not allowing his daughter to have one! Interesting how Roberta gets to speak with her older self. Also interesting that Pavel acquired some psi ability, more than what he had gotten from Bester. I didn't quite understand where he got that from. And wow...Bester feels a twinge of remorse for what he had done to Pavel...will he turn over a new leaf? Probably not, but anything can happen...
6/13/2010 c21 Foxcat93
Good chapter...

Roberta wants to go with Isis and Scarlet on their mission, but Seven discourages her. She is so broken up over poor Pavel's fate and she loves him so much that she wants to help in any way she can. Gary reveals to her that he has known Pavel all his life and tells her that he has a strong instinct for survival.

I like the word for the marketplace "zokolo"...is it from one of the shows or is it your invention?

Very interesting about Bester's wife. Even she knows Bester is a rat. Alice sounds like a cute little girl and I like that she loves kitty cats!

Waiting for the next chapter!
6/13/2010 c21 5LADYMALLARD
And interesting chapter, I can uderstand Roberta's desire to get back at Bester for what he did, but one never knows how that kind of thing would turn out, Gary Seven is smart to prevent her from going. Gary's association with Pavel was neat to find out about I certainly hope he'll recover soon. And having Isis and Scarlet go back to B5 to eradicate all the evidence of their and the Guardian's exsitance, is indeed a smart move. I think there will be quite an adventure awaiting them, concerning Bester's daughter Alice and her Mother. I certainly feel for them, being related to such a horrible man.I eagerly await the next chapter in this fascinating story. Great Job, till next time.
6/12/2010 c20 28Foxcat93
Excellent chapter! I love the Isis character...I love your description of her regeneration...seems very realistic!

Well, there is still hope for Pavel. 24th Century medicine being more advanced...I liked the old teletype machine...I also like how Draal talks about himself in third person. Very amusing!

Now they are hurrying to Star Base 515 to get the best medical help for Pavel Checkhov. I hope they will be able to do something for him there! Until next time!
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