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1/7 c26 Ria
As someone else wrote I'm also re-reading this fanfiction from time to time as one of my few favorites. And I'm really hoping and wishing that around the same time as last year a new chapter will be coming. And I hope that you're doing good and feeling good or that you can stay on the road getting there more often than not, and I want to thank you that you're sharing this story with us because reading it makes me happy which happens less and less to me as I'm adulting but this fanfic still brings joy to me. Happy new year to you all and good readings!
1/7 c26 Guest
aah i’ve binged this story too many times for my sake. just checking in to say “happy new year” (even if it’s kinda late now sorry) :) 33
1/1 c26 Off-the-Left
Thanks for writing this story. I was impressed by how authentically you captured the emotions Harry was feeling. And it didnt completely shock me when you mentioned that this story is a type of therapy for you and that a lot of things Harry is going through you've personally dealt with. I did not have the best childhood and I've finally started therapy to help me heal. PTSD alone is shitty and learning how to connect with myself and others is so painful and embarrassing and confusing. You've captured those emotions and thoughts so well that they really resonated with me. But I love that you have strong supporting characters who really show up for Harry. And I hope you have strong supporting people showing up in your life too, whether when you were young or now that you're an adult. I know it's been almost a year since you've last updated and I truly hope all is well in your life. I just wanted to share that you were sharing parts of yourself honestly and authentically in this work of fiction, and I and others can really feel that. We do not know you or your life, but we feel what you have chosen to share and that is an amazing and beautiful thing. I wish you all the best.
12/30/2020 c26 Guest
Wow I binged this story so quickly! Wonderful in so many ways! An interesting plot, in depth characterization, lovely new lore, just really good overall. Thanks for writing it!
12/31/2020 c26 2Professor Potterhead
OH MY GOD. Please keep writing. This is literally the best one I’ve ever read. I’ve done nothing other than read this for the last 24 hours!

Harry seems to be doing so much worse in his own reality than the other one...does that mean the part of voldie’s soul is still in him? He survived the killing curse in the alternate dimension and he seemed to be doing better there. I am also DYING for a James/Harry reunion even though I’m loving the Sirius/ Harry canon world bonding. Update soon please! You are amazing
12/31/2020 c22 Professor Potterhead
I swear... if you don’t change the outcome of 5th year with Sirius I will scream into the void.
12/31/2020 c19 Professor Potterhead
Oh my god. So, I’ve been power reading this... honestly I haven’t done anything else OTHER THAN reading this. It’s one of my all time favorite fics and honestly the best one I’ve ever read... BUT OH MY GOD MY HEART IS SHREDDED
12/28/2020 c26 Guest
Just discovered this story and it has consumed my life for the last 2 weeks...I usually stay away fron alt dimension stories, but this was just to good. I love all of the emotion you are able to convey, and I really, really love seeing an honest development of Sirius as a guardian to Harry. I hate stories that dismiss Sirius as an emotionally undeveloped individual. I truly love you writing him stepping up to the plate and truly supporting Harry, but still showing the difficulty and insecurity of their developing relationship. I hope you will continue this story. This year has been such a hard year, but please know you have a new fan who would love to continue to support you in this amazing story.
12/23/2020 c21 Guest
Wow. What a strong ending to this chapter. Those last few lines would have been impressive even if I had read them in one of the Harry Potter books. It was such a natural and insightful conclusion with excellent lead-up.
12/22/2020 c26 24smidget
Reading this story for the hundredth time and it still hits as hard as the first. This chapter made me cry (again) and it never ceases to amaze me the amount of emotion you pack into this story, and the amount that it really resonates. If you're still working on this (I hope so) I'll look forward to new content whenever you get around to it but mostly just hope that you're doing well and thanks again for writing one of my all time favorite fics.
12/12/2020 c26 Fangtasia21
Continue? It would be interesting to have a parallel-dimensional traveler fanfic in which the two Harry and his family Sirius and Remus meet, as well as the two Voldemort and his gang.
12/1/2020 c26 drainednerves
oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck
So, I just binge read this entire story, as you do (it really is a very bingeable story), and I can't believe everyone else has been waiting since January, those poor buggers. At least let us know you're still alive? Because with the current situation, there's a not-so-small, quite morbid, chance that you're not, you know..
I also wanted to add, if you're still in need of a beta, I'd very gladly help out! I've done it before too and would be very happy to. If there's any chance to help you finish this, there's no way in hell I won't be taking it! Kudos to you<3
11/29/2020 c25 1ItsMagical
Really hope that you are well. I keep coming back to this story from time to time so I can reread it. It truly is a beautifully constructed story and so many can’t help but relate to the characters. Here’s to hoping you’ll update soon, but I understand it might take some time. Cheering you on from the sidelines! Thank you for sharing your story. For both your personal story and great work.
11/28/2020 c24 dauntlessofthesea
This chapter made me cry. I’m amazed at the way you write both these characters (and all the others really), they’re entirely real people in my mind. Love the way Sirius is handling learning to be a parent. As much as I want Lily and James to take him in again, I don’t think that should be done without Sirius in the picture.

I’m so sorry that this story really happened to you. Bullying is terrible, it’s so damaging. There really should be more done against it.
11/26/2020 c26 Guest
Loved this fic! Your A/N was really powerful and I hope you’re doing well.
Can’t wait for an update! Even if we have to wait a few years!
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