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for Shifting Warriors: Book 1: The Chamber of Secrets

3/14/2013 c5 8Myrna Maeve
Oh look, we have an Andalite at Hogwarts. Could it be Ax?
7/27/2012 c13 Guest
6/28/2012 c3 Guest
Let me guess, Kai will hurt the basilisk by crowing? Very good story!
5/27/2012 c13 5mainstreet52
Very nice light reading. Keep it up!
5/22/2012 c13 killroy225
you should have them slip up and let someone see them but only catch a glimpse of them and go from there, that or have Andy and Kai walk into the Great Hall in Andalite morph. awesome story so far
4/12/2012 c13 73Elfera
I like your story, and I hope you'll continue...is your profile picture a wolf?
4/11/2012 c13 1RedRangerBelt
Sweet new chapters. Has Fayth gotten any more morphs yet? Is Kai going to figure out that the diary is causing Ginny's blackouts? Is he going to be able to stop it? When is Ginny going to find out that he can morph? Is she going to be the one who gets one of the other uses?
4/10/2012 c13 19Biisaiyowaq
You have a good story going on, but please PLEASE don't give Ginny any powers! It could ruin the story, I mean, why would an animorph, or the child of an animorph, just give away setting like that so lightly? It makes them seem frivolous and uncaring of the power they seem to be throwing around. Plus, at least the children of animorphs have a reason to be able to do what they do, why would Ginny of all people have it? Anyways, that's just my personal thoughts. Keep up the good writing!
12/21/2011 c5 Anon
Andy, an Andilite... would have been even funnier if you had given him/ her a classic Andilite name that Mogonical had the ablity to say but not pronouce.

No offence but I don't see many of the charaters flaws- they seem a bit too perfect.

I wonder how well you can pull off Dumbledore secretly being a douche- because nobody notices in canon and mking him obviously one to the reader tends to end with the characters just seeming stupid.

On a different note, if the original Animorphs had wanted to keep their kids safe don't you think it would have been easier to get a hand from the Chee?
7/25/2011 c9 greenstag
That was probably just enuff power when you consider how much he has been practiseing.
7/25/2011 c3 greenstag
It is your perogative but I allways figured that the cube would have unlimitted uses.So far so good though.
7/25/2011 c2 greenstag
Why dose Dumbledore sound evil?
4/22/2011 c6 80Darth Krande
You should try and separate your opinions from your characters'. I understand you dislike Dumbledore. I understand you dislike Lockheart (or what his name is). But there should be something you and your characters would disagree on - so that they won't become marysue-ish. Also, even if Kai is a morning person, he would need to get up VERY early to do all that running and push-ups. It would catch attention.

Also, I can't imagine why Andy needs his watch all the time. Can't he measure time on his own?
3/5/2011 c5 Darth Krande
Awww, now Andy makes some sense! Nse. Ense.
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