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1/31/2018 c1 WOLFBLOOD
Why do I feel like Posiden is going to be her dad
12/7/2017 c7 Debbie Hicks
Chapter 8.
then with demigos then with best friends b itten as aall drained of of it Fire nscorched as all three finally Army madeattacked Vulcans all of them Kiled them the Volturi caught wind of m yself was not hum an Broken bones an d skulls Kidnapped us/them Msters found her drained sucessfully drained b y sn akes good then Changed Executed by force then news of my death but was a hybrid then Venom became sick very sick then a alien increased superstrength then was Poppedwith them then suddenly was n ot human b ut nor Vampire then frozern solid Ten Centuries beware your thirst wil lood Snapped freely thengotten a biggest headache turned out my m in d shield used my skills was strong my sen ses went ehn anc ed faster than normal what are then too late myself looked older what this CampJUPITER Heeed ye my wods then turn ed them into m y troops then Nuked brought bodies burned them but Alice found me healing then blaring my nowCrim son eyes cold watery skin hard as stone cold as ice with them CHAINEDWith them bvut Blazingfreely ripped from here blown from as all of them were n ot b reathing thenn ews died here then sudden volt resurrected us/them afraid screamed thorats on fire Alice they b een b itten then too late Explodedwith both three with witnessed then with them b rought here they harob ed hyb rids were turned illegally but they are sen tenced to death then then Exploding myself had a fiercer lok b ehaving diffrent look what happened to us/al you were killed b ut resurrected crap oh god we are dead well you are a Hybrid used my n ose urgh Werewolv es they sm ell worse like heart of targ and gagh and Serpent worms ate them you eat but I Use less rest then too late rsted more with them Exploding from hallow out bodies b rought here she is a demigod a nomad what is armed an d dangerous then ripped from here then too late m y senses were alert but taught them to use far futuristic weaponry was not humannor Vampire both able to survive in daylight was a daywalking Vampire slayer trained but taught knew as very mazillions of as all languages was fluent was a Fighter oh my god she trained them to hunt to kill you are a Assassin yes now fed of animal gone on a very strict United States Space Colonial marine diet was all-Starfleet milltary Crashedwwith them blown freely bring them then cursed us/punishing us/them torn freely then bodies b rought here then lost from here unable to die out then were differen t then were paler then too late had venom with nwest blood mixed up with both shattered now too late got a real headache forged a men tal shield then you'r sushi daimons BETAZED CRYSTAL POWER! MAKE-UP! Ttoo late all yelled then suddenly were warriors with powers then it really happen ed wearing this battle uniform from as all of animals then suddenly b loiwn Apart then b rought them here with as all of bites as all of them but too late killed them b lasting into flames suddenly more as all guards freed from here stolen looks of us/them exploding who bred with him then with them n ow bodies rid of from here n ow too latedrained of blood waspalerAlice she is what Immortal then that en rolled to Forks High school by now was still a nomad then it happened blood froze stored safely then three merged shatted freely c lamped from here poped forth b rought here then now killed then too late used from here still a hybrid stopped aging then contacted my trust fund friend wearing my special act ring so theirs now undead now was ward to them so they then news of us existing for more than as all years dates and months Solok it been five years six days an d twelve months was not human so they then too late news of our true existance her camp was destroyed yesa but to rebuild a n ew one christened Talos you see I Am of Greek blood still here burns in my veins oh my god she escaped from who monsters forced to fight myself could speak Vulcan well gasp they did this we need witnesses we are going to war oh no you punk! KROYKAH! Yikes from the Vulcans that was it oh my god died your friend noticed you are not human yes You stink Hanyou what she saying demon dog thanks Angela oh man we are warriors ulp who is this shrimp oh no he went completely white of muscles from Stacey's Venusian ring the Kinwa activated over here han dsome got a mate yes we have our women b abysit the kids stand back tukeys you want trouble pal you lookin' at it the name is trouble we need a Sailor Pluto then myself had bangs with a fashionable b all needed to heal b y drinking green tea oh my god what a woman good god a hybrid yes she's ancient but old as dirt myself had manners.
11/18/2017 c7 Yali.Page
Good luck with your stories. I’m intrigued by this one and I hope you’ll continue it!

Just one note: the guy who hit on Bella and made her drop her pen - from Bella’s pov it was Mike, but then from EPOV he told Alice it was Tyler.
11/18/2017 c7 Debbie Hicks
Chapter 8.
Bitten best friends as all of them as all of the blood then was too late with both three followed with both fleets of Vulcan s killed was very hun griest the guard sighted m y gift you there who turn ed you where's yopur came attacked Get her Bitten harder then kidn apped with them Executedwithout m emories wwere drained was different a hybrid this halfling is turn ed from here Slienced drained then shell-socked thenlost memories suddenly rattlesn ake ven om as with heaviest Rose ten times greater had Anmesia Beatenwas dying fromboth was chan ging into their species then it happened Broken as all of it thenblood splattered then the seer found m e deadwith them then suddenly hit a tree with water glowing m ore radiantly Swirling more alien but m ore extraterrestrial but flying then Poppedbleeding to death was with venom Murderedby them blown freely had total Anmesian was Anmesiac died here then lost from here then then was sickest then became something esle a half-Vampire somy best friends were dying turned into immortal warriors then Nukedfrom the corpses then was with a diseae was not breathing more was in bad shape it really happened Smashed freely then it really too late had a power source thenwas not human but a demigod hybrid snapped freely was covered in blood then here Bella ow!my strngth was far too strongest then it really happened bodies brought here then killed now without memories without memories without their own replaced b y fresh ones then blown freely then Cunched freely b rought here then were unable to die out or went oldest was Ancient but very old had a migrane ended with powersCarlisle yes Dawn she is a mental shield a ablity to shield others from mon sters ugh oh you are glowing
7/26/2011 c1 cottoncandybl52
9/1/2010 c6 1devilthroughandthrough
i love this story XD
8/30/2010 c6 4Shelley421
This is great! I hope you update soon!
8/13/2010 c6 6Acciofics459
good chapter :)
8/10/2010 c6 7boggydrunks
I LOVE YOUR STORY XD Recently, I was toying with he idea to create a crossover too... XD

Update soon. Cos it's fantastic XD
8/9/2010 c6 89780975567890
I love it! Update SOON!
8/9/2010 c6 2Alanna-Banana1987
I am very excited to see what happens next. :) I wonder if Edward will tell Bella what he is. And then when Bella will find out who her father is. :) PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ keep writing!
8/8/2010 c6 128ve980
I like it so far :D I loved the movie, what about you? though it was completely different from the book it was still awesome :D Update soon!
7/25/2010 c5 itsallwineandroses
i like this stoty, please update!
6/7/2010 c5 Iiidog5
u should have bella and edward confess what they r

love this story btw!
5/27/2010 c5 89780975567890
Update SOON! Or I will kill u! lol...
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