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8/10/2017 c1 Blake2020
good start
12/4/2010 c1 10JoeMavro
Very interesting how Mitsurugi could get through to Vader like that. This was fairly well written, a little more detail could have gone into the sword fighting though. Also, Vader's prostetics make it impossible for him to use force lightning.

This is my take on The Apprentice's Story, if you are interested.

7/31/2010 c1 21Harlequin de Rustre
Other than your extreme ignorance of history, I'd have to say you raped canon as well.

Mitsurugi stayed on Japan and the fringes of Asia during his days of wandering and killing. When he sought out Soul Edge, it wasn't in Israel, it was in Greece, Italy, Egypt, and Germany. There may have been others, but none were in the actual Middle East.

Also, turn up the resolution on your screen, because Nightmare wears a purplish armor, which had been blue way back when when Siegfried was still the Azure Knight, leader of Schwarzwind. After Soul Calibur II, Siegfried broke Soul Edge's hold on him(with help from Raphael), threw off the armor he had worn as he had slaughtered innocents for their blood and souls, and ran away, carrying Soul Embrace, the merged forms of Soul Edge and Soul Calibur. Before I further digress from the point I'm making, let's note that Soul Edge is firey. Being a blade with burning power, it would burn and blacken all that it comes close to. So, figuring that, we can assume that when blue metal comes in contact with heat, it will smoulder, warp, and darken from the exposure, thus becoming a purplish color.

Please note that the events of Soul Calibur all occur in the fifteenth century, well after the last Crusade. With that in mind, please don't make the same mistake in your later fanfics...

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