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for Brother in Arms

6/4/2013 c5 42Shiary
12/16/2011 c5 9GreyMoth
I love this! It's awesome, it's beautiful, it's cruel, and above all it's real. I love how you you didnt glorify war or make them into heroes. This story is art
12/18/2010 c5 wisecurledqueen
I don't think I've ever read anything so true to how America and Canada- and Alfred and Matthew- act to each other. This. This is good. Thank you so much!

3/11/2010 c5 15nupinoop296
Holy crap. That was amazing and deep and emotional and WHOA.

Why doesn't this have more reviews?
2/26/2010 c5 dgsdgdh
I'm astounded that this doesn't have more reviews.

Chapter after chapter, you unleash a brilliant style and wonderful content.

Chapter 5 is my favourite, I must say. So much emotion and imagery and blood and fear.

I keep repeating the last scene in my head, hearing the quote over and over.

I friggen' love it.


TL;DR- you and this story are awesome. Keep it up, bro'~
2/21/2010 c5 1STEGOSARAUS101
these are so deep its scary but u want 2 continue. i alway wondered wat it was like 4 the countries when they were in actual war plz continue.
2/20/2010 c5 34Lady Emzebel
Was the writer from the second chapter Ernest Hemingway by any chance?

Chapter 3 made me happy and sad in equal measure. I do so love it when Alfred briefly reverts back to something like childhood and Arthur acts all paternal. Very bittersweet; I love that last line.

(Cookies too?

Don't push it.)

Chapter 4 both thrilled and terrified me. That is such a haunting image. Mattie reaching down and helping Alfred slit a guy's throat. So chilling.

Chapter 5: I feel unbelievably stupid for not reading the chapter title first. I hyperventilated over Mattie's death for nothing. Still, your rendition of Kumajirou being a spirit bear is just brilliant.




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