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7/28 c43 padbvoc88
I am so sorry to hear thatI am pretty sure u can do something legally since u have the story posted from
years. Please don’t give up on ur beautiful writing and keel seeking justice
7/17 c37 kyuki619
Hehehehehehe yyeeee! Nice work Ha Jae Kyung!
7/16 c6 kyuki619
Hahahha why are they always interpreting them LMAO!
7/12 c43 Guest
Please continue to write stories about the Souel Couole. I really love all your ideas and stories about them. Im one of your fan readers
6/30 c43 Kathyan
:o ahora me entero de todo y comprendo porque el link de wattpad estaba incompleto. Muy mal por la persona que te plagio.

Sigue adelante y mucho animo
6/30 c42 Kathyan
Hola, soy de Guatemala, me encanta la historia, la lei en wattpad pero estaba incompleta e incluso el link esta roto ahi. Aun voy por este capitulo pero sigo adelante.

Leo la historia con el traductor y aunque no es perfecto no va mal tampoco. Gracias. Sigue adelante y cuidate.

Tambien estamos en cuarentena por aca, un poco restringidos pero esperamos salir adelante.
6/27 c43 vntguk
please don't stop writing! Sorry if you don't understand my comment well, I know very little English and the translator helps me a little. Although your story is completely in another language, I really like itI really appreciate your effort, and I know that everyone who reads this story also does it. I am a simple comment from many, I know that writing is difficult and complicated but The result is beautiful, especially in your story. I can't ask you to continue if you don't want it to be, but I would ask you to think about it, please.

a big greeting and a big hug from chile <3
6/20 c43 Roswellian1984
I remember your stories i once in a while re read them i love SoEul, hope everything gets better in life. Wish you luck on ur studies. Let us ur faithful readers know of new stories if any.
6/18 c42 Guest
Thank you. Hope they get back together and Gaeul will get pregnant with twins.
6/18 c42 Rosh
I've been waiting for the continuation since 2010. I'm so glad that you're back I'm from Philippines btw.
6/17 c43 6jeny3329
This makes me so sad. I checked this story every week for years, waiting for an update. It really breaks my heart
6/16 c43 13JodiMarie2910
How horribly disrespectful! I've really, really enjoyed your stories, and I'm so sorry (and incensed) that this happened to you. Please don't stop writing because of one person's absolutely horrid behavior. A person like that doesn't even deserve to be noticed. Hopefully they take it down immediately so you don't have to deal with them any further. Take care, and I look forward to you finishing the rest of this story! :)
6/16 c43 LUZ MARINA
Imagino tu molestia y es cmprensible... no soy muy fanatica de leer en verdad pero con esto del covid necesite un pasatiempo nuevo y buscand en internet que leer encontre esta historia ya q este año recien vi boys over flowers ya q se estreno en netflix y me encanto.. me encanto tu historia y la he leido con tanta intensidad q me quedaba hasta de madrugada para acabarla, en verdad tiene una gran inspiracion he imaginacion se que esta historia esta en ingles lo bueno q mi laptop lo traduce al castellano y pude leer... te felicito y espero puedas seguir actualizandola... no se como se utiliza mucho esta pagina pero me creare una cuenta para poderr recibir las actulizaciones tengo descargada la aplicaion wattpad pero no te puedo ubicar bueno sin mas que decir mis mas sinceras felicitaciones estare al tanto de tus actualizaciones ... por cierto soy de Peru-Lima
6/15 c43 SakiXX1
Thank you for your hard work in writing this story! I have read and follow this story from the first last to this sequel. I appreciate all the hard work you put in these work. I am especially really really happy and thankful that you continue to write this story and updated as soon possible despite your busy schedule. Hopefully that user can take your work down from that platform. I hope everything goes well!
6/15 c43 UchihaSophie22
Hi! I have never write a review but i have read your fic since the beginning... and i really admire your work. I'm from Venezuela and my english it's not the best but when i read your last post i really feel so frustated in your behalt.. this is your work... kind of like your baby... i was really happy when you start to post again but i just want to tell you that i support any desicion that you made. I will hope and wait for your next chapter but i understand your situation... just want you to know that you are a really good writer and you have made an amazing job portraying the story of SoEul and the rest of the F4.
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