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for Keeping the Casanova

6/17 c43 6jeny3329
This makes me so sad. I checked this story every week for years, waiting for an update. It really breaks my heart
6/16 c43 14JodiMarie2910
How horribly disrespectful! I've really, really enjoyed your stories, and I'm so sorry (and incensed) that this happened to you. Please don't stop writing because of one person's absolutely horrid behavior. A person like that doesn't even deserve to be noticed. Hopefully they take it down immediately so you don't have to deal with them any further. Take care, and I look forward to you finishing the rest of this story! :)
6/16 c43 LUZ MARINA
Imagino tu molestia y es cmprensible... no soy muy fanatica de leer en verdad pero con esto del covid necesite un pasatiempo nuevo y buscand en internet que leer encontre esta historia ya q este año recien vi boys over flowers ya q se estreno en netflix y me encanto.. me encanto tu historia y la he leido con tanta intensidad q me quedaba hasta de madrugada para acabarla, en verdad tiene una gran inspiracion he imaginacion se que esta historia esta en ingles lo bueno q mi laptop lo traduce al castellano y pude leer... te felicito y espero puedas seguir actualizandola... no se como se utiliza mucho esta pagina pero me creare una cuenta para poderr recibir las actulizaciones tengo descargada la aplicaion wattpad pero no te puedo ubicar bueno sin mas que decir mis mas sinceras felicitaciones estare al tanto de tus actualizaciones ... por cierto soy de Peru-Lima
6/15 c43 SakiXX1
Thank you for your hard work in writing this story! I have read and follow this story from the first last to this sequel. I appreciate all the hard work you put in these work. I am especially really really happy and thankful that you continue to write this story and updated as soon possible despite your busy schedule. Hopefully that user can take your work down from that platform. I hope everything goes well!
6/15 c43 UchihaSophie22
Hi! I have never write a review but i have read your fic since the beginning... and i really admire your work. I'm from Venezuela and my english it's not the best but when i read your last post i really feel so frustated in your behalt.. this is your work... kind of like your baby... i was really happy when you start to post again but i just want to tell you that i support any desicion that you made. I will hope and wait for your next chapter but i understand your situation... just want you to know that you are a really good writer and you have made an amazing job portraying the story of SoEul and the rest of the F4.
6/15 c43 anne
it is really sad to know that such a devastating thing happened with you! i am a really big fan of yours, especially of this casanova series. if possible pls continue writing. i love your work!
6/14 c43 Guest
Thank for sharing this story :)
6/14 c43 4angee818323
This person who stole your stories is coward who cant writer his/her own stories
I can feel how hurt and angry you are because i know writing SoEul stories are not easy and it come from the heart as well
6/14 c43 Guest
Stealing someones work and owning it, what a pity. She is such a shameful person. I have been a fan of your work since i started reading fanfiction about our SoEul couple and your stories are one im looking forward, so knowing that someone steal your work is really not a good thing to hear, you have been working for decade for this story. I hope that person will have a shame and stop this act of plagriasing someones work. You are such a great writer and we can see it on your stories, for almost a decade your stories are one of those i have been rereading for so many times everytime i miss our SoEul couple so i hope you could still continue writing a SoEul fanfic specially this, because im still looking forward for their happy ending in this story. More powers to you and God bless.
6/14 c43 Davies467
How can someone be so heartless, even if she want to post them online she should have ask permission from you before doing such a thing that is very bad of her
6/14 c43 lucel18
I’m so sorry that people are stealing your work and translating it without your permission. That’s SO messed up. I want you to know how much I appreciate your fics, your hard work, and your sacrifices to continue them despite your hectic schedule. You made me love GE and YJ so much. Your fic is one of those fics that I can’t put down, so to speak. It makes me excited, happy, and incredibly giddy over our OTP. I’m gonna re-read it soon.
But I will support whatever you decide regarding your fic since it is YOUR fic. Needless to say, what you’re doing is already voluntary and you don’t owe us readers anything. We should be thankful and respectful to you for posting your fic online.
6/14 c43 tomoeri
I am sorry to hear that. Nevertheless, I would like to let you know that I am such a big fan of your stories just like I am still waiting for yijung and gaeul drama together. Thank you for updating even if its been 10 years already.
6/14 c43 Male1248
Esperamos no dejes de escribir, pues tal como dices lo haces con mucho cariño.
Lamentablemente en las cosas que hacemos en la vida siempre existira alguien que desea beneficiarse.
No pierdas tu gozo y alegria, aqui estaremos esperando por ti
6/10 c42 anne
heyy! pls continue! i really love it till here. i want to know what happens next!
6/6 c42 lucel18
Yaay! To his father in law warming up to him.
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