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6/6 c26 lucel18
Busy for round 2? 3 or 4? Lol.
6/6 c25 lucel18
Lol at JK for calling JH to check out WB’s family jewels. ROFL!
As for our OTP, yay! They finally did it. Lol ! I wonder if JP and JD did it too. Lol.
Thank you!
6/6 c24 lucel18
Their staff is the best!
6/6 c23 lucel18
Lol... I had a feeling they were going to understand them.
6/6 c22 lucel18
I smell trouble. Lol!
6/6 c21 lucel18
Lololololololol! YJ’s mom is so sneaky. She secretly like GE for her son, huh?
6/6 c20 lucel18
Whoa! I didn’t expect THAT.
6/6 c19 lucel18
What JK realized is true.
6/6 c18 lucel18
6/6 c17 lucel18
I reeeeaaaaally want the baby to be WB’s..
6/6 c16 lucel18
Hahahahahahha! JP brought in the calvary. For men, that is a must at time. That’s why women/mothers are the real superheroes.. Lol.
6/6 c15 lucel18
Like they know any better. Lol!
6/6 c14 lucel18
6/6 c13 lucel18
Poor WB! What if the kid is his?
6/6 c12 lucel18
Lol! Consequence of being a womanizer? They need to do a DNA test.
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