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11/27/2013 c1 Need more info
More info I couldn't get through the first part without asking who is bg and who is wasp
2/18/2012 c1 punk.rockgirl11
Continue, please! I'm starting to love this story, every time, I read another chapter. Keep updating with this.
9/2/2010 c2 19Addicted2Books13
Oh and I forgot to add,that your stories really good too I just thought it was cool we sorta had the same idea. Please check out my story?
9/2/2010 c1 Addicted2Books13
Shiz, girl this is hilarious but the story I'm writing is a lot like this one! It's callef 14 years and the titans of the future are transported to the future, via BB's biggest blunder ever!, leaving their children alone to be raised by the justice league but around their 12th birthdays Slade takes over and they are forced to go work for him as the justice league is picked off, the main characters are mainly Robin and Starfire's daughter, Mar'i Alexandria Grayson, or more commonly known as Lexa, and how she deals with the dissapearance of her parents, living with her grandfather, you know which one I'm talking about, and falling in love with Slade's son, and her Grandfathers son.
7/27/2010 c10 44deactivated1997
Ohhhh I like this story. The kids are awesome. Especially Hawk 3 3.

You need more Speedy/Arsenal/Red Arrow/whatever-the-heck-you-call-him, but I'm in love with him so my opinion doesn't really mean anything there.

Why are the girls trying to kill the guys now? Idrk. Slade is crazy. The end. I think it's the end. Is it the end? Oh my god. I have met someone more sugar-crazy than me. *gasp* I didn't know that was possible!
7/7/2010 c10 12BG224
saffire, i cant respond. you won't let me pm you...WHY? *sobs* T^T :'( T^T
3/14/2010 c10 25RavenxIsxAxBlackxRose
awesome:) i think i know whats going to hapen:)
3/13/2010 c10 15SparkleBlueLemon
Haha, poor guys! My guess is the girls are working for Slade (But who knows) :)
3/13/2010 c10 Mandy
seriouzly wat the heck just happened!

Is BG ever gonna go on the A/N? Itz all you! Itz lyke yuh dont want her there. Did she really write all that?

Yuh never asked my question eithr! Why do yuh lyke hate Terra!

Im lyke not the bigeest fan of yuh right now but i lyke thiz story so update soon -ML
3/10/2010 c9 Mandy
yeshh another chapter.

so happie Mark admited his feelings for her.

watch out the RED EYEZ r coming!

-Update Soon- -ML
3/10/2010 c9 SparkleBlueLemon
Yay, they're all great couples! But they need to stop before the 'red eyes' attacks them!...
3/10/2010 c9 25RavenxIsxAxBlackxRose
NO! not another cliffhanger! haha, SUGAR SUGAR SUGAR! haha you are so evil can't wait for more

black rose
2/28/2010 c8 Mandy
Ok i do like this story don't get me wrong it's just i have to tell you i think it wouldnt be as gud if u didnt have BGuate224. i read ur othr story about future titans watever (didnt review) and i really like this one better. i also read ur reviews and stuff and i think Starfire07076 only read this because BGuate224 wrote some of it. I am a fan of BGuate224 and have read her stories and sparklebluelemon is always reviewing her stuff! if you didn't have her i think it wouldn't be as gud. sorrie! not trying to be mean i just think it's the truth! -ML
2/28/2010 c8 15SparkleBlueLemon
Yeah the air is cleared for Hawk and Saffire!
2/28/2010 c8 8Moonlight123
ok how did they get form the battle to finding The older guys?
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