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for Trial Separation

2/24/2010 c2 emmau
I like the concept of this story. I think it's interesting to see the daily struggles of the weechesters through the eyes of an outsider.

That said, as a teacher my sympathy is completely with Mrs. McCorkle on this one. First days in kindergarten are chaotic. You have no knowledge (unless the parent specifically comes in and tells you) of the lives of the students beforehand, so you have no knowledge of what Dean has suffered. A child in continous distress and beginning to show violent tendencies, that apparently one-on-one attention from the aide and a school counselor (which is routine in these situations the first day of school) does not resolve, is horrible for the child and for the other students in the room.

Then the office completely fails in keeping an unauthorized person out of your room and in keeping the appropriate paperwork, as is their responsibility. The adult refuses to leave the room, falling to the floor and crying, which would only add to what would be a disasterous situation. To top it off, the parent is also allowed to come down to your room and berate you for following safety regulations, also in front of the other students.

I would resort to heavy drinking if I was forced to endure a day like that.
2/24/2010 c2 64TraSan
OMG - you killed me. Dead. The last line was so perfect.

"In a voice only his heart could hear Mary answered, "Love our boys and keep them safe."


The boys trial separation didn't work so well - poor kiddos crying until Sam got sick and Dean's teacher had to call to get him picked up from school. But the two of them cuddled together in bed was such a sweet visual. Aw.

Lovely story, Charlie Girl.
2/21/2010 c1 230KKBELVIS
John followed Dean into the room and saw his bare feet disappear as he shimmied under the bed.

"Dean, we've talked about this before. You have to go to school and we need help watching Sammy while we both do our jobs." Reaching under the edge of the bed John grabbed Dean by the ankles and hauled him out from under the bed


What an adorable image.

I love how you write John. 'My guys.' Tee-hee so cute and very caring.

And Dean with the just starting to talk again and John not wanting the boys to be traumatized as Dean and Sam separate for the first time. And the connection between SAm and Dean even at such a young age. What a great story idea! I love Weechester!

You wrote: Yep. That's Sammy, he's little and you can't have him."

Aw...I just melted at that line. Excellent dialogue!

You are so wonderful to write this! And...the best part...it's TBC...Yaho!

Thank you.


2/21/2010 c1 moira4eku
I really like this story. Love how John is trying his best to be a good father. Dean is just so adorable! I wonder how he is going to to at Kindergarten? He's going to be away from his Dad and Sammy for the first time since the fire. It's really going to be hard on him. Sammy is going to be a sad little fellow when Dean goes to school. Jeri seems like a great babysitter for the boys. I do believe I'm going to like her as well. I can't wait to see where you are taking this tale.
2/20/2010 c1 64TraSan
I just love how Dean keeps telling Jeri - "That's Sammy. You can't have him."

As cute as it is in his younger version it also rings true to the older, growlier version we see years and years later.

Plus, who can resist those two boys, no matter the age?

Hmm...I think the last line is very telling. Just how *is* John fixing to convince Dean. :)

Awesome opener, m'dear.

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