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11/5/2012 c2 4AgentOhioS118
-mouth is hanging open while I try to manage a few intelligible words- I would love to see this keep going, and the chapters a bit longer :) Hoping to see more! :)
3/27/2010 c2 2black.maple.tree
I love this story! ^^ LOVE it!

I can really identify with Namine-more so than with the way other authors portray her. You're really an amazing writer! LOL I could never write in first person POV...

Riku is really interesting to me so far, the way you're portraying him. Can't wait to see how this relationship works out :)

The only grammatical error I was able to find was this:

…Well, at least I'm pretending to not lie about the dignity I never had.

It should be 'pretending not to lie,' because 'to lie' is a verb and shouldn't be interjected with adjectives, or in this case, 'not.'

Please continue soon! I can't wait to read more! :D
3/4/2010 c2 7im-a-tumor
really nice, i love how cute namine is, please update soon!
3/3/2010 c2 4xxcrossbonezxx
Cute story! I love the idea of Riku and Namine, and her sense of humour on 'stalking' Riku 3

i can't wait to read more
3/3/2010 c2 3Lindzeldia
I LOVE THIS STORY. It kind of realates to me in a way. anyways keep it up i look forward into reading more
2/25/2010 c2 19LarkaSpirit
Cute! I really like how you used a lot of description, it kind of suits Namine's artistic personality to notice a lot of things.

Please try to make it longer!

2/21/2010 c1 LarkaSpirit
Ooh! Cool.

I really laughed at how she kept saying that she WASN'T a stalker when she was practically following him around.

Same when you described Marluxia.

Really funny, so keep it up!


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