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for Why The Hell Is It Always Me?

3/18/2019 c13 5SheWolfMedjai
Please continue!
12/9/2017 c13 11uffauffauffa
Please continue. This is without a doubt the best story you have written. It is much more cured
12/9/2017 c12 uffauffauffa
you repeated the chapter
12/9/2017 c11 uffauffauffa
I'm a new fan
12/9/2017 c7 uffauffauffa
LEAH has every right to be happy. Even if his happiness is caused by that imprint shit. But I hope Marcus is better than Sam and the wolf guys who imprinted. LEAH deserves much more than happiness and supernatural love that brings the magic of wolves. She deserves a love authentic, true
12/9/2017 c6 uffauffauffa
LEAH's childhood was beautiful. His united family. And even when she and Sam fell in love. The parents had to be happy for her, them. At least until the supernatural has entered their lives. Then their point of view has changed. Sue and Harry were no longer on LEAH's side, but on Emily's side. Suddenly what the parents thought about Sam and LEAH no longer mattered. It was null. Everything has been deleted... Terrible
12/9/2017 c5 uffauffauffa
The pain of LEAH never ends. Having impriminted on what is an enemy to her, she must now deal with her mother's untimely death.
In the memories of LEAH comes out a selfish and stupid Emily. A girl who hopes her cousin will be happy for her and Sam. A cousin who deliberately chose to take Sam because she wanted a boy like that of LEAH. They could not do otherwise, it's the nature of the wolves and blah blah blah ... how many excuses and justifications she has to endure LEAH. How much hypocrisy and how much selfishness surround the life of LEAH. And not just from them, but also her family. LEAH is alone. She is not weak, mediocre, capricious. No. LEAH is alone and suffering.
Did Jacob not has warn the thoughts of LEAH? He is still his alpha. He has not heard and seen all his flashback?

Sorry bad translation
12/9/2017 c4 uffauffauffa
Poor LEAH.
12/9/2017 c3 uffauffauffa
Sam is a donkey. He and Emily have never understood the harm they and fate have done to LEAH. She are right. If Emily can not handle the truth, it's a problem of her cousin. Sam at the end, but in a whisper, he admits he still loves LEAH. In the guide his love for her has not changed. It's still the same, but the imprinting is stronger. I hate imprinting. LEAH must not faint, must give a good kick in the lower abdomen of Sam.
12/8/2017 c2 uffauffauffa
Although LEAH has imprinted on Marcus, the pain for Sam's loss is still strong. He was his first big love, the soulmate of LEAH, but not that of the wolf woman ...
12/8/2017 c1 uffauffauffa
I knew there were stories about this couple, but I had not read a story with them yet. For LEAH it will not be easy to manage the situation.
10/17/2017 c13 brankel1
Awesome. Can't wait to read it.
10/16/2017 c13 fightingstoryaddiction
thank u for writing have a FANTASTIC year
4/4/2017 c2 2Aiyanna Clearwater
Its so rare that Emily's forced to hear Leah's truth, whether in canon or in fanfics. This is one of my favorite stories so far!
8/13/2015 c4 Guest
Soooo sick of the stories where the females are always blacking out or fainting at the end of each chapter, I mean come on can we get some originality! Its a cop out!
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