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7/4 c28 6Juubi-K
The denouement is upon us, as the Solar System fires.

There isn't much to say for this chapter; but I'm glad you were able to continue writing in the face of your workload. I've particularly enjoyed this story, and I hope you'll be able to continue in future.
4/11 c1 SON jaeger
Please continued the story i like it,you can have co-writer to help you to advance the story
4/8 c7 dangelogomez12
fucking love your fanfic, its amazing just confused because during chapter 5, you said that the anniversary was for their five hundredth year since colonization then in chapter 7 sayla states they were celebrating 70years since colonization.

is this just a minor error? which one is the correct? im just really confused on this minor plot hole?

other than that fucking all of this fanfic perfectly captures what I love about gundam

pls finish this to completion, it would such a shame to see this incomplete forever
3/15 c28 2R.R. Blaze
Awesome chapter. Looking forward to the next chapter and the Megiddo updates.
3/14 c28 Pirate King Ray
Goody another chapter
3/13 c28 3Wing Zero Alpha
Hey TheCosmicSoul1263, or should I say Flay or Dancouga or whatever. I missed your original message, so sorry about that. I'm here now to give a proper reply.

First, I thought I'd let you know that I haven't changed my opinion of Tomino or Yas in the slightest. My opinion remains that both are terribly overrated. Yes Tomino created the Gundam franchise, which makes him a great visionary, but as a storyteller, he's severely lacking. If that's not the case, then answer me this: why hasn't any other of his creations outside Gundam become mainstream? Whatever happened to Aura Battler Dunbine, Heavy Metal L-Gaim or the infamous Space Runaway Ideon? Tomino has worked on so many stories, yet Gundam seems to be his only noteworthy accomplishment. And as for Yas, I read The Origin all the way through. I had originally hoped he would use it to correct some of the worse parts of the original MSG, but I obviously hoped for too much. And his character designs are horrid too. Feel free to disagree with me; unlike you, I do not believe in absolute dogma when it comes to art, writing or otherwise. Or perhaps I just don't have the "nerve" to do so?

Second, you seem pretty hung up on me and my stories. Perhaps my "sincere and despicable" behavior has something to do with it? Or perhaps you're still butt hurt that my original Gundam story got traction while your all Spanish written pure and boring UC work (I live in Arizona, I know a lot of Spanish readers) didn't? I'd suggest you get a hobby, but considering the quality of your own writing, perhaps an alternate would be better. And erase Gundam? Damn, I didn't know I was that influential. Somebody better notify Bandai! As we say here in the American West, there's a new Sheriff in town. Also, Nazis and communists? It's Godwin's Daily Double!

Bit off more than I can chew? Not at all. I'm writing Alpha for fun after all, and what I do with it and the multitudes therein are strictly for my own pleasure. Whether I elaborate on each and every character, or whether I don't, is simply based upon how I feel at the time. Call me an egomaniac as you wish, but for the same reasons (fun and adventure), my ego isn't really tied to Alpha. It would be a disappointment if I stopped for whatever reason, I admit, but it's not my magnum opus.

And as for my official books, Black Sun is actually selling quite well thank you. Not only do I have a hefty royalties check coming this April, but audiobooks are being worked on now, and there's even an anime project in the works. You can find more information here (inkwellbooksllc dot com/pre-orders/). And did I mention it's all officially published? Just google "Black Sun Daniel Crux" to see more. Oh, and while you're looking, we also have merch (inkwellbooksllc dot com/black-sun-shop/) with much, much more on the way!

So yeah, all is going rather well right now. Nothing to cry or be humiliated over, I assure you.

Your friend,

3/12 c17 4Coment9
Bookmark number two
3/12 c28 30SulliMike23
A weapon of mass destruction without the downside of radiation and gas. It’s what makes the Solar System such a devastating weapon.
3/4 c7 4Coment9
Bookmark number three.
1/19 c3 Eyeroll
Gotta love that there is an idiot who thinks he somehow "knows" how to write fanfics, thinks he "understands" the "true" persona of the author, or thinks he can be a gatekeeper when he- or rather: IT, has not written anything.

Especially when its favorite fanfics are only in Spanish. That to me is an indication of it reading this through Google Translate with very likely terrible translations and even being unable to understand any real emotions. Oh, and mentioning non-existent Author notes and other things it is accusing the author of.

Unless it points to evidence, we should all ignore its screeching and move on. Especially when the author has moved on and decides whether or not he updates this fic (or his other two) whenever he feels like it. Oh, and if his bio is real; then he is also busy writing his own book series. That he took inspiration from Captain Harlock.

What does that say?
11/8/2023 c3 TheCosmicSoul1263
Oh. It's been a while since I came to this story. And I have seen something change your narcissistic and egotistical behavior. You have deleted those messages biased towards your personal and subjective tastes, which no one cares about. Like attacking the creator of the huge Gundam franchise. Or the fans who like this one, believing you can write a “better” story. Or the fact of having the nerve to underuse the original designs of the legendary Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, for the generic designs of Nasu and Takeuchi. Your sincere and despicable behavior, which sought to erase Gundam, believing yourself superior with an elevated attitude that seems similar to Nazis and communists. In the end, you bit off more than you could chew, looking for a kind of “crossover” between all the sagas that did not coincide between eras timelines. You burned yourself out and you couldn't even give a good characterization to the hundreds of characters, whose plot threads you had to trace. This is what happens to egomaniacs with pretensions of greatness. The story promised a lot, but it was relegated to a poor attempt by a mediocre aspiring writer, whose official books could not be sold nor would anyone who reads fanfiction of his favorite series be interested in reading. Take that lesson in humility, which you really needed. Little cry boy.
3/6/2023 c27 CaptainKenDog2
Good chapter waiting for next update
11/5/2022 c27 UltraMickey
Please continue and finish this
9/30/2022 c27 Guest
Doing Great,I love to see More Info on Other Inner Powers and their Ships.
9/26/2022 c27 JC
Doing Great,You need to keep View on The Titans Balances,Showing their Enough Members that are Competent not just Emma,The Dolowa will go down.
I love for the Arc Royal visit the Other inner Powers like the Wing,Seed,X and G fighter,s ones.
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