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10/7/2020 c10 11Dark-Prince-of-Clowns
I hope you continiue to write. This story is actually quite good.

What is it you struggle with about it?

If you want any suggestions or advice pertaining to the Joker, a psychoanalyzis of any of the characters, human behavior, or cause and effec, chaos theory and logic, feel free to ask. I don't mind giving advices. _

Or if you want ideas for how to proceed the story.

I LOVE fics where the Joker influences Harry.
I would have written one myself, but I'm already juggeling 5 different stories atm, and have ideas for about 200 or more others. (Although after sieving out the semi-bad ones, I'm left with about 50-100. Lol)

I hope you keep writing on it. _
10/7/2020 c8 Dark-Prince-of-Clowns
Don't put yourself down. Most of the characters in this story is -if not spot on, then close. Much more in-character than in many, if not most, fanfics with a Darker Harry. (And I've read enough of them to be streching VERY far to find something I haven't read.)

I CAN see Fred and/or George joining...in some ways. Mind you, the Joker doesn't work well with anyone, and I suspect neither does Harry, but COULD ve something Two-Face-like scenario.

Of course, I have read a fic in which Harry made one of the twins go insane by killing the other twin and sew the skin-suit of the first twin onto the survining one... but I doubt he'd work together with Harry for it.

IF he managed to find a way to drive then to insanity, however, he would be able to manipulate their moves. If he could blame it on someone else, and redirext their anger onto someone else -like the Joker did with Harvey Dent- THEN they might join him.

Ron tho... honestly... Yes, he may be angry. But you could proboably buy him with enough money and a hot girl. He's shallow as fuck.

And turning people into Villains is kinda the Joker's M.O.
10/7/2020 c6 Dark-Prince-of-Clowns
Ouch. I pitty Snape now... He DID make an unbreakable vow to protect Harry, if my memory serves me. (I know he promised dumbles it, but I also think he took a Vow. That's what made dumbledore trust him to begin with. He WAS a death eater at the time.)

Nice! I assume the Joker bought 'drugs' from Scarecrow or his victim? *Chuckles* The assisted suicide was a nice touch. _
10/7/2020 c5 Dark-Prince-of-Clowns
I applaud you!
You may well be the FIRST fanfic writer I have seen that ACTUALLY have the brain to know that bravery requires the ability to feel fear!

I would have said that the Joker IS a Slytherin, through and through. Some of his schemes require extreme planning. It's just that paired with a brilliant, scheming mind, he also have moments when his emotions runs so strong that he simply...lashes out. Uncontrollably.
He also have ambitions enough to compeate with a Sith Emperor. Even if what he aims for is not what most people would want.

Of course, Harry isn't the Joker..

However, the Hat acted a bit OOC... That spark of a scheme would tip him towards Slytherin. And the hat do NOT consider people's wishes.

(I can't believe people don't see the obvious test in the books for what is was. Had Harry stopped a second to think it would be nice to be great, he'd been sent straight to Slytherin, no matter how much he begged for gryffindor. I'm very sure of it. People tend to forget that the hat is an Artifical Inteligence. It can only think the same way iphone's Siri can -if a bit more sophisticated.

Unless, of course, the hat is a Dark artifact running on the Real brain of someone who were once alive.)

Also... if he fits into NON of the houses, he would go to Hufflepuff. ("And we'll take all the rest.")

Wizards are idiots. But then again, your portrayal of dumbes was spot on.

Gryffindors are not good, Slytherins are not evil. If you want to change the world for the better, you lean towards Slytherin because that's one hella big ambition.

Clearly you see that. It's nice to see a fanfic writer with more common sense than the avrage wizard. _
(Believe me, that's rare.)
10/7/2020 c3 Dark-Prince-of-Clowns
I think Nicolson's version is more childish because he took more inspiration from the earlier Joker comics (which is, as most older villains, shallow and one-dimentional), while Heath ledger went deep into his head, and took inspiration from the newer comics.

Of course, Harry ISN'T the Joker. So his insanity, while clearly colored by the Joker's world view and ideology, is not going to be the same. (Plus, he's less damaged. Equally sociopathic, but less painful. AND he's a child, and children's minds actually work differently from adult minds.)

Now I'm halfway expecting Harry to lace Petunias cigarets with DTM. *Snickers* (It's like LSD if it was made by the Joker. Google it. Also, dipping cigarettes in LSD is a common way to sell LSD.)

I guess he didn't. Ah, well...

I DO wonder how he'd do in Azkaban...

Insanity is an escape from pain. That is to say, it is NOT a happy feeling, but it allows you to feel good, even amused and laughing, at the same time as you feel horrible. In fact, the more horrible you feel, the more funny the world is.

It's difficult to describe to someone who hasn't experienced it.

But I'd say that dementors would potentially have NO -visible- effect on Harry.

However... it WOULD make his madness WORSE.
The reason is because dementors do not actually bring bad memories to the forefront of their victims mind, per se... They simply REMOVE any HAPPY memories. (Which means the only thing left is bad ones. And that makes the worst memories easier to access.)

So with less happiness in his life, the pain increase. The more the pain increse, the worse his insanity gets.
And, because ALL humans fundamentally want to SHARE... he will get an even steonger desire to share his misery with the world.

Sharing misery by hurting others makes you feel better. Even if only temporarely.

Of course, when one is truly insane, like Harry clearly is, you are also delutional and all those Reasons and logics are subconcious. All Harry would feel is whoms or desires or needs; Feelings. But he wouldn't know WHY he does what he does. He would just feel he HAD to do it.

The human mind IS a jumble of feelings, memories and thoughts... a skilled legimence would now how to navigate it.

I wonder how Harry thinks for dumbles not to find anything...

Hrm... If I were to guess, entering his mind would be AWEFUL!

It's not that he wouldn't find what he was looking for. It's that he would FEEL the pain inside him.

Imagine... Imagine the WORST pain you have EVER felt. Then add the worst hearbreak you've felt. Now imagine getting run over, slowly, by a tracktor while demonic blackbirds pick your eyes out and someone tuggs your hair out, one strand at the time.

That is STILL not as bad as it feels.

And sane people would exit Harry's mind sobbing, crying, screaming and BEGGING to be oblibiated... or comit suicide.

An insane person has built their defence up against the pain, bit by bit. Stored it away in boxes. And should those boxes all topple over all at once, no amount of physical torture can EVER feel as bad.

And someone like dumbledore would feel it ten times worse than Harry. Maybe 100 times as bad.

Snape would be overwhealmed, because, while he DO know pain, this is a whole other level. I suspect he'd take up drinking and jave Nightmares. Which is less bad than what someone less used to pain would feel.
10/7/2020 c2 Dark-Prince-of-Clowns
I was going to say you have a wonderful grasp on the thoughtpattern of the goodguys -compared to most other fics with an antagonist Harry- buuut then you made dumbledore use Legimency as casualy as he did and I'm not sure sure.

It's horribly intrusive, illegal and verging on Dark.

Dumbledore is TERRIFYED of going Dark. Of becomming what his bff Grindewald became.

It's why he gave Harry the invisibillity robe (along with potential half-formed ideas if encouraging his adventuressness so he'd be a better hero);

Keeping it would only remind him that he only lackes one. Which would tempt him to seek it and obtain eternal life. He was OBSESSED with the Deadly Hallows, way back when. And he knows Power corrupts and is terrifyed of ending up corrupted.

Nothing he does is actually because he's good. He does the good or at least 'with good intentions' things because of guilt and fear.

If anything, he'd make Snape use legimency while keeping his own hands clean. Not because he fears being caught, but because he fears that slippery slope; If he takes a single step towards Darkness, he may slip and take one more. And one more. And yet one more. Until he ends up just like Grindelwald.

I strongly suspect that is why he is so insistant that HARRY kills Voldie, even tho he COULD do it himself; He can't get himself to kill an innocent child, even for the greater good.

But ensuring Harry has a shitty life so he grows up willing to commit suicide...that's fine. Oh, he feels guilty over it of course. But in HIS mind, at least he won't commit any crimes himself.

(Plus, because he is so desperate for redemption, he gives EVERYONE, even Petunia, the chance to redeem their actions...whether they want it or not. It's stupid and always comes back to stab him in the ass.)

That aside, you're writing a very intriguing story. I am looking forward to see how it goes. _

Is A Clockwork Orange disturbing to you? Oo
I always thought it was ratger nice and a bit funny.
Then again, I think Dexter is nice and calming, soooo...
2/18/2020 c3 5Shodaime Gahokage
three are three joker type
the perfidious polichinel: genius trixter and robber. not crazy it's just a gimmik (Cesar Romero)
The defaced gangster: has goons (thus Harley), good with chemicals, mental health is nebulous, manipulative psycopath (Jack Nickleson, Jared Leto)
the agent of chaos: sociopath with explosive and a moral compas set on a magnet, definitely insane (Heath Ledger)

Mark Hamill voice acted the last two to my knowledge
12/20/2019 c11 4RabbitRuler2
this is great! Very nicely creepy, you've done very well with the atmosphere
11/13/2016 c8 AnAntisocialSocialite
But... but Fred and George would make awesome murderers
8/12/2016 c11 1christinadcruze
please update
5/7/2013 c11 19Quantumphysica
It would be too sad if you didn't update this anymore... I can imagine it's not an easy theme to write, but you're doing incredibly well and I love reading it. So... Please update?
4/23/2013 c7 2thelegendarysupernerd
Is Voldie going to be the Batman to Harry's Joker? Cuz that would be really interesting.
4/23/2013 c4 thelegendarysupernerd
Harry is creepy as f***. Loving this. Please keep it going.
11/3/2012 c11 2nighttheraven
D: rewriting? I have to wait? NOOOOOOoooooooooo!
10/16/2012 c2 29Sakura Lisel
Hmph. Dumbledore ASSUMES a lot. if Harry wasn't insane, he should have told the old coot off and said that the ONLY place he's going to be living is back HOME in Gotham, with whatever FAMILY he's been living with ever since he left the Dursleys. The old coot didn't even ASK to see Harry's parent/guardian to 'talk' with them about the Harry situation before he just whisked Harry off back to England, without any consideration to the fact that Harry might have a NEW family who love and miss him if he just 'disappeared'. no letters left behind to tell whoever Harry lived with in that ramshackle house where their adopted son was going, nothing. Just a quick knock out gas induced nap, for a few hours, and then snatch and grab the boy and take him back to England, and after explaining things to him, tells him he can't go back home to Gotham and has to go back to the people who made Harry's life a living hell the first couple of yeaers he was with them before he escaped?
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