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for Fell!

9/30/2017 c1 18sapphireLavender
I have read this many, many times. This is enjoyable.
8/20/2012 c1 3RozenSkull
Haha! Nice nice! "naive" Bankotsu :))) What happens net? :O O.O excited!

*rushes to next BanxJak fanfic*
5/22/2010 c1 Kenneth22
And he never did get it, even at the end... XDD
3/26/2010 c1 17Tomatosoup inc
thats hilarious!

i love the puns that Suikotsu and Renkotsu used... they were great!Bankotsu... he was so dense, it was funny... actually, its was really realistic, concerning the show/manga that is.


2/23/2010 c1 10CrysStar
I like this story very much. The humor, I think is very witty, but the style makes it difficult to appreciate.

Why is it that you never use words like "said"

For instance,

"Jakotsu fell," said Renkotsu, trying to stifle a laugh.

I think that putting this story into past tense would do a world of good. I noticed some spelling mistakes such as using the word "set" where the word "sit" would belong.

Put some more love into this story! From the get go you say things like "Setting: Around whatever you think is agreeable for this stupid fanfic."

Don't say that! It certainly is NOT stupid! You took the time to write it so it must mean something to you. And I took the time to read it. It means alot to me too.

Have you seen any of my Jakotsu/Bankotsu work? I love that couple and I pour my heart into stories about them every day!

Take a look. If you like my style I'd be more than willing to team up with you and beta your story. Beta reading is so much fun! Why not give it a shot? Abarero! as Jakotsu would say!

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