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7/27/2020 c7 21mittengal
Wraith worshipers! Ronon is figuring it out.
7/25/2020 c5 mittengal
I hope Ronon beats the crap out of them all, especially Duras!
7/25/2020 c1 mittengal
Oh oh! I’m suspicious about that bead!
6/25/2013 c29 thewolf74
This was a very good story. I liked that fact that they all got back to Atlantis safe and alive.
4/26/2011 c29 2Nott01
Love it. Cant air for the next story you put up. Was never a fan of oneshots but I live your ones!
4/4/2010 c26 7WhiteTree
aah! Amazing, but very tense.
4/4/2010 c25 WhiteTree
This is a review for the last few chapters... I've wanted to keep on reading and not stop for a reveiw. WOW is this story tense, and amazing. The Ronan/Orla relationship is so cute! Did you say you made her up?
3/29/2010 c2 Shadow
Better and better, I am hooked
3/27/2010 c29 JoeyLuv
Finally had the chance to finish. Adding Todd to the mix was brilliant. Thanks for this truly entertaining story.
3/26/2010 c9 JoeyLuv
About time Sheppard woke up! Sorry, but half the fun of the whumping is how he deals with and his snarking at the bad guys.
3/26/2010 c7 JoeyLuv not expecting it to be Wraith and worshipers! Great story, now I've got to get back to reading.
3/25/2010 c1 JoeyLuv
Aw! Ronon is such a sweatheart.
3/25/2010 c29 tinkx
smashing but what about the beads?
3/25/2010 c29 Wraithfood
Pleased everyone is safe but sad the storys over.

Rodney was great and I liked how you left it with the two friends at the end not much said or was needed to be said between those two.

3/25/2010 c29 2Holly Short of the Lep recon
d'wa! im a sucker for a fluffy ending! great job. hope the next one comes out just as good.
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