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for Harry Flotter, The Boy That Rapped

5/25/2014 c1 1DrunkOnMusic
This is one of the most f-ed up stories I've ever read but I enjoyed it :-)
7/16/2012 c1 Guest
lol i love this piece of crap fic that made no sence at all! but hey it was mad! now why do you think people wouldn't of made it to the end? you thik they would of left screaming don't you? well i bloody well didn't so suck on them apples bitch!

lol kidding but damn this was funny
8/28/2011 c1 Eirdaru
Funny weird and original. I'd like to read a full length non crazy version if u feel like writing one.
2/24/2010 c1 12Rock-Mock

Nice rap story,

it had a very odd storyline, but overall it was quite a fun read.

haha ah remember when we hd a rap off and well i failed to say anything cloe to a rhyme.

Good times.
2/24/2010 c1 3Mollyone
Haha that was hilarious! I'm still laughing, i found the hannah montana part so damm funny!
2/24/2010 c1 1Andromeda09
Lmao this story has definetly got the stuf! I was going like LMAO all the way. You better write another one like it or else I'll go gangster over you

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