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for Uncomfortable Truths

2/24/2010 c1 24Illyria13
I love this story and it's short but not sweet. Hello, angst, I think you've found your match. There are many things I love about this. The best thing about it is how well it mirrors the Xander-centric one, which I know is what you were aiming for. You definitely hit it on the mark, sweetie!

What I also like about this one is the different style of writing here. The Xander one was much more physical, about the location as well as specific events that tied together to this one particular lie that he's dealing with. This one, however, is much more about the symbolism and imagery dealing with how Buffy is handling her truths.

Also, I particularly like how the Xander-one is much more sarcastic and cynical, while this is almost tired and worn-out, like Buffy is completely disillusioned with her role and no longer cares about what happens.

Okay, so favorite lines.

1. She's an ancient in a child's body or a child in a warrior's form, and it doesn't matter which.

2. She isn't just a girl anymore, and she doesn't have the option of failing or falling or forgetting.

3. The world takes and takes and one day it's going to swallow her whole.

4. It's karmatic, that the crew resembles their ship, and none dare dream better for themselves.

5. The mirror is there, and it shows her a wretch of a girl, shadowed and fallen and nothing like the hero she pretended to be.

6. For a moment, it lies, and she sees herself in glory, ashes and two lives saved. Then, it revels nothing but the truth.

7. They stare at forever and promise eternity and burn. Truth.

8. Some truths are too uncomfortable to bare.

Well done and I am so glad that you finished it!


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