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6/13 c18 EdwardsVampTramp
'I grinned at them and whispered, "There's no place like home."'
*dreamy sigh*
6/10 c15 EdwardsVampTramp
I'm a little nervous. I hope she's on birth control...
6/10 c14 EdwardsVampTramp
That was a beautiful and a perfectly normal first time. Thank you. I hate when stories depict virgins having the big O the first time with vaginal sex because it's not very realistic. A wonderful chapter, as usual.
6/8 c12 EdwardsVampTramp
I love that she and Charlie are getting a fresh start. *sigh*
6/6 c9 EdwardsVampTramp
I KNEW it! When Renee didn't answer Bella's call I thought for sure she's on her way to Minnesota!
Let the fireworks begin!
And the call with Charlie?
I'm guessing Renee is anxious for Bella to get back to skating because Renee is helping herself to Bella's funds?
5/29 c23 258026683
Phew~ I read it! I enjoyed E&B's sweet moments :) Oh they are so sweet and just lovable. Frankly, I passed most of Alice&Rose's girl time. But I liked Cullens' support for Bella. Phill's assault was too much for my taste, but I liked the drama with Renee-the part Bella still wants her as mom and struggles with feelings for her. Thanks for sharing :)
5/26 c2 258026683
Ohhh I remember now. I tried to read this fic several times but I kept bouncing off. Alice feels invasive. Too much. Feels forceful. I can't stand it. Ughhh.
Still I'll try again. This fic has so many reviews and recs. Maybe this time I'll get through.
5/26 c33 Jillgrab
This was by the best chapter! You really captured all the feelings! I’m so sad the story is over!
5/26 c2 EdwardsVampTramp
'"Oh, whoops. Goose and Mav take a nose dive," he exclaimed as my crutches crashed to the sidewalk with me no longer there to prop them up. "Man down!"'

Oh gosh! The banter between them all is perfect!
And the fact that "Top Gun: Maverick" is coming out this weekend seems very appropriate that I should be reading this story now.

I found this on the Twifandom Awards under Favorite Snuggle Fic and can't wait to follow them on their journey!
5/25 c25 Jillgrab
Wait no medal ceremony?!
5/25 c23 Jillgrab
Whoa! I did not see him saying that right then! Freaking swoon! Also I really hope he gets pulled as an alternate for the Olympics so they both get to compete. I know it’s about her but I think it would just be even better if it was both of them.
5/24 c19 Jillgrab
I love that they came! I can only imagine what their conversation was about! Can’t wait to see if I’m right!
5/23 c15 Jillgrab
Wow! I love the moment you chose for her to say it to him. It was so sweet!
5/22 c7 Jillgrab
I love when writers put funny Emmett in. He always adds such a great element to the story.
4/3 c33 3Evelyne-raconte
WOAW ! I immensely enjoyed this wonderful fiction !
Thank you so much for sharing your talented words with us.
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