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for Maximum six point five

4/23/2010 c1 x.X.xSmileYou'reOnCamerax.X.x
4/23/2010 c11 16maispecialk
Oh this is so wrong! I love it!
4/22/2010 c10 Lizzy
I LOVE IT! I think u should make fangs new girlfriend work for the school then breaks fangs heart then he goes to max asking for forgivness cause at the school they said that they just didn't like fang and soo they made Dylan but max and Dylan r together and in love and instead of letting fang come back she curses him out

exm. " you f* son of a b* u left me so get the f* out of my sight!"
4/21/2010 c10 maispecialk
Okay, here's the funny thing about this story. I should hate it. I WANT to hate it! But, I can't. I actually really like it a lot. Dylan's not a d-bag. Fang's a jerk, but not enough of a jerk that I can hate him easily, and it just confuses me. Fantastic job.
4/20/2010 c9 alei
i loved it:)
4/20/2010 c9 11AM83220
Every chapter improves on the one before. You've really done a fantastic job on this story, taking relationship as slowly as it would naturally happen and keeping the narrative realistic and true to the characters.
4/18/2010 c8 1cherublover
Pleasee write more it is such a good story :)
3/25/2010 c6 Octicy
update please!pretty please? update soon! or i'm gonna die if you don't!
3/16/2010 c5 fangsgirl
omg this is so good. okay i'm not perverted but the end of chapter 4 leaves u hanging pleze update
3/13/2010 c4 11AM83220
I've got to say, I'm extremely impressed with the way you've portrayed Max in this story. You don't have her suddenly falling head over heels for Dylan, but instead show her putting up a great deal of stubborn resistance, which is completely in character. You're doing a great job, and please keep it up!
3/13/2010 c4 Octicy
yah! update soon please!
3/4/2010 c2 AM83220
Very nice! Things are going extremely well and you're certainly keeping my interest!
3/4/2010 c2 4midnight seranade
I love this so much! Hehe good job Voice. ;]
2/27/2010 c1 jhonny
finally a story where max and dylan get hooked up.I love this story hope you keep making more.
2/27/2010 c1 PewpewDiePie
i wanna read yuur storybut i havent read fang yet! its not out in aussie yet :( i read the 1sr 12 pages though :) but yeea :(

bett its good though!
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