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8/28/2010 c7 17emeraldphoenix23
OH I thought it would of been Alice or Emmett, but not Esme good job. Update soon.
8/24/2010 c6 2CherriiHead
lol i think i just fell in love with u ppl r ignorant nd those who only can critize otha ppls shit r sad nd lonely dont even pay them no mind im in love wit ur story so who the hell gives a fuk if others dont ;) nd im impressed wit u cause i would made an authors note cussin the prsn out nd tell ppl who they were ...just tryin 2 give an idea lol

- gigi baby
8/4/2010 c5 2truemugs
Not bad for a Twilight/Mortal Kombat cross over. I do wanna see where you will go with this
7/13/2010 c5 vamp1001
its good i like it.its really good please continue with writing it and updating it
7/13/2010 c1 7Artemis' hunters
Love it

Update soon
7/12/2010 c5 2Rose Hathaway9
6/30/2010 c4 5tazzylovestwilight
oh my god i love it please update soon
6/16/2010 c4 vamp1001
love it pleaseupdate it again its good
5/20/2010 c1 vamp1001
its good i like it
5/15/2010 c4 3VampzRsexy
And then...
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