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10/20/2011 c1 gimini523
I really liked this story, it was cute and sweet in a sad kinda way,(like a beautiful tragedy, in the way Shelby perceives the world, if that makes sense), lol. I know its a year+ late, but if you ever feel like revisiting this pairing, I would love to read. Great job capturing Shelby's character also, A.J. was great as the jaded, scared/ vulnerable, bad girl, I loved Shelby, and how she strong she was, tough but if you REALLY looked, you'd see the hurt little girl inside still, (again, A.J. played her so well). Loved Emily in this as well, her nonchalance about it, and how she really wants to see "J.J" again, she's even willing to pay, just to "hang out" lol. Anyway, really great story,& sorry for the ramble.

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