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for Bicycle

1/5/2011 c2 52b-mystique
This was really lovely.:-)
7/13/2010 c1 8Esmerelda Diana Parker
good question...WHY did you name it Bicycle?
6/14/2010 c1 3vamp.ladybug
Oh I love this! Though I think Parker would have been given a cat instead of a puppy... shrug it is perfect either way.

4/6/2010 c1 April25
your parker is so cute. XD. you should write a fic on why parker named the dog bicycle. pleasee? :)
3/3/2010 c1 1unlikely-hero87
OMG, so cute!
2/28/2010 c1 4RavennaNightwind
Aw! That was so cute. I loved it.
2/27/2010 c1 15betty-boo
Haha very cute! I love PArker, she is my favourite character on the show! In terms of constructive criticism, you spelt "glance" as "glace".

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