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1/4/2014 c10 redorchid23
update please!
5/3/2011 c10 jj
please please please please please please pelase please please pelase please please please please please please please please please please please post more chapters
4/25/2011 c10 I'm Widget
I feel like Rick's acting a little OOC. Just sayin'.
4/24/2011 c3 5IndiAcidSnake
oh...i never reviewed this chapter...YAYness now i get to now!

no i did not just scream bastard at the computer when it came to the last line...hehe.
4/24/2011 c10 IndiAcidSnake
kinda she was but still not...if you get me? good chapter...

update soon!
4/6/2011 c9 ccaabb
Love the story. Are you going to update soon?
4/2/2011 c9 MHoles
OMG that was just plain EVIL leaving it there you have to HURRY UP and UPDATE!
3/21/2011 c9 readerjunkie95
3/10/2011 c9 LadyLilibet
Grrr at your cliffhanger.

I can't wait for more :)
3/9/2011 c9 IndiAcidSnake
i was reading happily, then i came to the last line. *dead pans* evil person.

update soon.

Love NCISchick xooxoxo
3/9/2011 c9 1Dee Hensley
No hate here. It is always worthwhile when you do update. Since you've left me precariously perched on the edge of a cliff I really am anxiously awaiting the next chapter like a parachute or giant trampoline :)
3/9/2011 c9 I'm Widget
Ack! Please post again soon. I want to know what happens!
2/25/2011 c8 Rose Santoro
please write more this story is just getting really good xx
2/25/2011 c8 Liz
PLEASE DON'T LET HIM LEAVE KATE! That being said I love the story... You should add a little Kate/Aurora convo cause that would be cool... PLEASE UPDATE SOON... And please update Bullet soon too.
2/25/2011 c8 CastleCraze
I really like this story and was very disappointing with the lack of updates. But I got an alert yesterday informing that a chapter had been added :D Please update soon :)
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