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for Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality

4/8 c39 Pylgrim
I'm not sure "ambition" is the proper concept for Slytherin there. Foe/Friend/Puzzle are all external stimuli that make the members of other houses strive towards and, in the process, define themselves. If the purpose of using "ambition" for Slytherin is to hint that they do not strive towards an external stimulus, but rather, they are propelled by their own desire, and thus, they define themselves in their own terms for better or worse, I think that could have been made more explicit. Especially taking into account that it'd be a rare instance in which Slytherin could be seen in a positive light rather than only "the House of evil kids".

I also feel that the aftelife discussion, while important, is dissonant and sort of overwhelming after the previous half of the conversation. They could be separated into their own chapters to each encompass a different theme and mood.
4/6 c16 Pylgrim
I have to wonder if it'd help or hurt the popularity of this fic being described as "What if you swapped Harry Potter with Ender from Ender's Game?"

Now I sort of also want to read the fanfic of Harry in Ender's shoes.
4/1 c93 mrel
I cannot get myself to continue this story without hope, and I cannot find it.
3/28 c19 tajarim
Rationality would lead to asking yourself "How could Professor Quirrel POSSIBLY know what was done and said in that dojo, if NO ONE BUT VOLDEMORT survived?". This is so far the greatest failure in the story.
3/28 c18 tajarim
This whole fiction is batshit insane. In parts hilariously funny, in other parts just a confusing mess. But it always feels like it's ON PURPOSE, so it's not a bad thing.
3/27 c20 Morty Smith
Nuclear weapons are scary.
3/27 c10 WTF 101
Is Harry a Ravenclaw or not?
3/27 c1 FBI
You should delete spam.
3/26 c8 declanbeech97
i was going to say those quarks were wrong before i remember ed that truth ad beuaty were renamed top and bottom after when this story is set.
3/22 c1 transient.sun98
This actually the Harry Potter story with the most reviews.

The other two use AI bot created reviews from fake accounts to inflate numbers.
The Contract was deleted for this reason after receiving 4k reviews in under 24 hours.
Cheaters never prosper...
3/21 c1 Murphy
Very interesting start, I can't help but wonder who the boy is at the end. I know this is a parallel universe but I don't think it's Draco or Ron, it might be Neville staying with Mrs Figgs as his grandma/aunt or primary carer.
I did think it was pretty soon to introduce Mrs Figg, I thought she might stay a mysterious benefactor for a good while yet.

The fragment of silver also was quite interesting, as far as I remember there are only a few things in-universe that are described as silver/silvery: Unicorn blood, Worm-tail's hand, the sword of gryffindor, a strand of memory for the pensieve, maybe a patronus. Gallons of blood spilling from a black robe must mean it is related to battle in some way and possibly to a deatheater or voldemort himself, unless Hagrid is a proper wizard in this timeline and wears robes and was attacked while delivering Harry.
3/21 c85 MegaMementoMori
I read some reviews and apparently a lot of you are sad, sometimes very much so, that Harry missed his chance of getting a phoenix, trusting Dumbledore that „a phoenix only comes once”. Fortunately, this version of Harry is the last person to care about such arbitrary BS rules. By next morning, he will likely not be coping by recalling the fact that Godric Griffindor did not have a phoenix, but rather add another item to his checklist „understand the deep magic behind phoenixes and tweak or abuse it in a way which would make my destined phoenix want to bond with me again”.
3/14 c1 meh
happy anniversary, we are still waiting for the sequel, at least give us the plot before agi kills us man
3/11 c2 Dimencia
I really hope I haven't already written a review on this chapter but,

Then her face brightened. "No, I'm sure this won't be a problem - I'll find a solution in time"

I absolutely enjoy the thorough foreshadowing, not just here but even the first thing in the first chapter, all just so perfect
2/27 c77 DabMaster27
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