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for Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality

21h c17 DaughterofAiluros
...is Dumbledore a time traveler?
because everything he does feels like something I would do if I inserted myself into a story after having read said story
1/20 c1 Vactican
isnt petunia partner is vernon dursley? so why Michael Verres-Evans?
excuse my bad english
1/20 c1 Vactican
Sino tong Michael na to?
1/18 c2 harrypotterfan2020063
I couldn’t breathe after I started laughing. “Is that why you bit your third year maths teacher?She didn’t know what a logarithm was!”
1/18 c122 1jake67jake
Wow! Just wow! This was such a great story and written so very well! Just want you to know, even in 2021, you are still making a mark on the world. Congrat! (... wanders off to find the epilogue...)
1/17 c5 happyraincloud1
I was laughing so hard I started crying! I absolutely love this
1/16 c122 ConradJustin
Wonderful ending for a wonderful story! The setting you created in which Harry is as ingenious as he is elitist (probably not the right word) is an amazing alternative universe for what J.K. Rowling has created. Harry has expanded his scientific intelligence but neglected the emotional one but this is where Hermione Granger comes in to help him. Thank you deeply for this adventure and complex, interesting and believable characters living in it!
1/15 c122 Talranji
I have seen this story on FF for awhile but I had skipped it because I did not like the synopsis.
I am glad to have had the pleasure to read this, I only wish I had read it sooner.
better late than never I suppose.
1/13 c122 19The Unplanner
I am honored to have read this book of yours, and honored that you wrote it.

You never stopped surprising me, up to the very end. Even with all the (incomplete and therefore likely worthless) powers of rationality I gained from reading the book, I couldn't see the pattern, which was at once narrative and realistic.

It is true that we don't see many smart characters who A) aren't evil supposedly due to their intelligence, and B) don't give up at the first sign that the patterns point to doom. Harry James Potter-Evans-Verres is a character beyond all those wannabe scientists, a Lord of Science who logically deduced the purpose and necessity of life and love, and fought down to the last scrap of hope to preserve them. In short, a great, or at least acceptable, role model for anyone who wants to ACTUALLY be a good person, such as me.

And now I'm rambling, but there's one thing left to say, something that I believe due to the contents of your book will brighten your day just a little wherever you are:

1/12 c99 The Unplanner
...Whoa. Looking back, all the narrative-logic signs were clear: there was nothing Hermione was doing or could do with her life that would affect the story, and that Harry could not do himself with sufficient motivation. And so she had to be removed from the plot, which grows ever more complicated with every chapter, even this chapter that contains only one sentence. Her potential worth as her own character, which she herself held in doubt, had to be converted entirely into impetus for Harry to pull out all the stops, otherwise he could never defeat the enemies arrayed against him - some of whom are clearly cheating, and another of whom already captured the entire game board at the dawn of Time.

Assuming that Harry isn't going to fail in his inherited quest to kill and undo Death, I can be satisfied with that. It was handled much better than Kairi in Kingdom Hearts 3, at least.
1/12 c113 Willowiam
My idea for a solution, having not read Ch 114 or later.

"1. By truly undersstanding thingss as ssimply the matter that makess them up, it is possible to transsform only part of an ssomething. Sspare Neville Longbottom. Your wording wass: 'Elsse, I intend to torment certain of thosse you care for. Ssome livess I have already promissed you, but otherss I did not...you may name one more of thosse to insstead be protected and honored under my reign.' I care for mysself. Sspare me.
1/12 c122 2JellyPark
It's really strange. The story projected Harry's thoughts so I could follow them and empathize with them, unlike some fuzzy, nonrealistic other romance or angst I read.
The story, after reading it several times, is one of the only stories I can empathize with, maybe because I am a sociopath.
I do not have the same views as Harry Potter though, I believe in moral nihilism.
Thank you for the story. I had many internal existential crisis moments while reading this story about philosophy.
1/11 c8 reiko fathasya
1/11 c7 reiko fathasya
Harry potter being actually smarter than hermione granger...*le sigh*
she's gonna kill him
1/11 c6 reiko fathasya
oh my god...
i dont know what to say about this fanfiction.
what makes it intresting is that, . .One.
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