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for Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality

11h c12 MrScorch
If someone were to ask me what would be a good example of crackfic that presents serious face, but in it's core is basically magic school sitcom, I'd just point them to this work of art. 12 chapters in and already I believe I won't be doing anything productive today, reading this whole nonstop instead.
3/23 c5 Guest
Oh my word! What a brilliant chapter! I was belly laughing out loud at Draco and Harry’s interaction. I cannot wait to read more!
3/23 c20 Ayden
Oh no. Not Quirrell. Harry, just stick to Malfoy! Actually, I've decided to take some inspiration from how Draco treats Harry as a friend and imply it to one of my own fan fiction novel series. Malfoy: And The Boy Who Lived. Honestly though, did you have to take 100 points from Ravenclaw? Harry still owes us 49 points.
3/21 c6 1Massive HTTYD Fan
I love this Harry. I'm also very grateful that I'll never meet him.
3/21 c5 Massive HTTYD Fan
I am making noises somewhere in between dying hyena and strangled rooster. Harry and Draco need to be the best of friends because they will turn literally everyone's hair grey within days. Hours, even.
3/21 c2 Massive HTTYD Fan
I think that Harry has a perfectly rational thought process. I mean, at seven, if your maths teacher doesn't know what a logarithm is, what are you to do? Biting seems perfectly reasonable. But, on behalf of all teaching staff everywhere, I'd just like to ask him to refrain because that hurts.
3/18 c10 Nastya Loktionova
Вот это диалог
3/18 c8 Nastya Loktionova
Мне очень нравится ваша история. Надеюсь что здесь будет не только дружба , но и любовь
3/18 c5 Nastya Loktionova
Я просто хочочу от 5 главы! Это шедевр
3/17 c10 5Perfect Chaotic Life
While I'm not actually doing more than skimming (simply because I don't understand half of what I'm reading half the time, I feel stupid for it, because its too much rationality, for lack of better words, and scientific thought like for me to keep up), the end of this chapter had me laughing so hard I puked.
3/16 c4 Guest
I have to agree with you on the valuation of a galleon to a pound sterling. The spot price of gold (daily price per ounce) is so high that there is absolutely no way to support such valuations as JK does.
I'd think that a galleon would be quite small. Perhaps an eigth of an ounce with a valuation in pounds accordingly.
3/16 c10 Sporus
That ending ended me.
3/13 c18 Unit01-Ikari
Is everyone on crack?

The dizzying highs, the terrifying lows, the creamy middle. This fic has offended me with its unearned cocky stride and it’s musky odors. It’ll never be the darling of the fanfic community as we cluck our tongues, stroke our beards and yak about ‘what’s to be done about this ‘Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality?’

Anyways this is just too crazy for my tastes
3/10 c2 Elise
This is bizzare. I cannot imagine Harry being a psycho smart idiot.
3/4 c15 Willowtrees
Love the writing but find the use of the word gypped, which is the same equivalent as the word jewed, to be offensive and unnecessary. Ripped off has the same meaning without implicating gypsies or jews in the devaluing process. Especially if you are going to reference jewish theology at the end of the chapter…
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