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for Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality

7h c1 paipunrod
this is so entertaining omg. I just re-watched Harry in the theatre yesterday (20th anniversary) and feel like I need some fulfillment so here we go
1/20 c2 SHindziru
I just found this story through some random reddit post and I must say I'm impressed.

This is exceedingly well written and has Rowling's style down to a T.
Speaking of T, if you are not 'Team TERF' like the 'author who shall not be named' is, then you are an officially better version of her.
1/18 c6 frostynips
You know if skip a lot of this it comes out to a halfway decent story
1/13 c2 Fern
Oh my. This is... Awful. The cringe is beyond words.

So I'm to believe a 12 year old is saying any of this?

A conscientious objector to child fucking conscription... Referring to public education. I'm not saying it's amazing, but he isn't going to the ghettos for education...

A rediculous sleeping disease that nobody's ever heard of...

This is atrocious. I can't bring myself to continue reading this.
1/12 c17 yamigirl121
This has to be greatest fic of all time
1/12 c66 rotkudnok
Is that... Dragon Ball training?!
1/12 c17 23kyekye
I'm sorry this is a very intresting story but I can not continue past this point. My brain cannot take it. I love all of the time and thought you put into this but at a point it began to get confusing and loaded to much information into my head
.at once. Maybe one day I'll come back and finish reading this very informative story because it is very good. But For now this is where I stop.
1/11 c64 rotkudnok
HA! You timed it wrong, so by the time it actually IS five hours past my bedtime I would've already forgotten!
1/10 c5 NSL
How can anybody write like that?!
(No, not sarcastic, it's actually awesome).
1/10 c2 absolute value o
The book is awesome already.
Mainly because I'm laughing (with cringe, at some places).
But it's awesome.
I feel like a finally have a companion who gets how I feel when I read fantasy books (helplessness at the author's love for rationality).
1/10 c51 rotkudnok
1/9 c2 harrypotterchick
McGonagall totally awesome without even trying!
1/9 c1 harrypotterchick
Great start :)
1/9 c43 rotkudnok
Holy fuck...
1/7 c26 James Birdsong
Fine chapter.
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