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12/6/2017 c2 Miss Tsubasa
Please update! I love the story.
10/30/2016 c2 15MegaHeracross214
Please carry on with the story.
10/21/2016 c2 Great Job
I really like the idea you put into this fanfiction and I hope you could do more
4/23/2016 c2 tacaloking
i really like this story the idea is weird and kinda tragic i like that you use a little big og that tragedy but you did a good job at keeping ranmas personality but also alter it to what ranma has become
3/10/2013 c2 39Maltrazz
Interesting. I hope you get the inspiration to continue it some day.

3/5/2012 c2 3tuatara
It's a real shame that there isn't more of this. It was thoroughly enjoyable. I would have loved to see how it developed. I assume it would have eventually involved getting to Japan, and probably having Ranma fix Ryoga up with one or more of the girls from the series. But if it turned out like Video Girl Ai, we know how things would have ended. So I'll just imagine it was something like that. Still would have been a lot of fun to read, though.

Well, thank you for sharing as much as you did. I was glad to read it, despite ending so soon!

(But one thing: Videocassettes aren't exactly electronic and could feasibly get wet without damage, as long as they aren't playing at the time. But I know a rationale was necessary for why she couldn't turn back, so it's fine!)
7/9/2011 c2 7FrictionX42
Highly entertaining. I like your writing style. I'm not certain exactly what it is about it that I appreciate, but I'm certain with a little more to work with I'll figure it out. I'll be watching.
11/12/2010 c2 11Sora with an S
Another very original idea for Ranma's cursed form...

Good job!
10/7/2010 c2 KaleRaven
This is cute. That's a creative curse too. I'd love to see Ranma and Ryoga's relationship develop!
6/8/2010 c2 2vodkaCanidae
Woot! Love the chapter! And I loved all the character responses... no OOC there. Genma's a stupid insensitive ass. Abandoning Ranma in such a quick instance. I really wanna beat him up bad :S

Anyway, love this! Update soon :D
6/8/2010 c1 vodkaCanidae
Wow! Love the concept of the story. It has a great premise, and I'm enjoying it a lot :D
4/27/2010 c2 1Franzibald
Oh good, you continued this! For a while there I just thought this was dead in the water, glad to see I'm wrong.

Anyway, I liked this chapter. You gave some very nice, easy to understand back story on what happened to Ranma. Like I mentioned in my last review, I haven't even read Video Girl Ai, yet so far I understand everything perfectly, very nice.

As I just said, you have some nice exposition in this chapter; you really made me feel for Ranma and Ryoga's situation. Especially the former, if you think about it, her curse is pretty damn terrifying! I mean, I CERTAINLY wouldn't want to be a videotape, and being forced into a job that involves helping out lonely men doesn't sound like the most innocent and ideal job position, even if, like the chapter said, all those who come to Mr. Vittlesbach’s shop are pure hearted. I suppose it could have been a bit worse though, she could have ended up as a Betamax.

The interaction between Ranma and Ryoga was well done; you really got the essence of the characters. You showed that even if they can be jerks sometimes, as a whole, they are nice people. Also, I liked the scene where P-chan was biting Ranma, to be perfectly honest; I found it to be quite cute.

One thing I found of interest, you actually portrayed Genma as being somewhat noble, unless I missed a subtle undercurrent in his words somewhere. While yes, he did leave Ranma alone, his sole goal in that was him trying to protect Ranma while he went off to find a cure. I don’t know if that is entirely in-character for Genma, but I kind of found it nice, it showed that he really was a father, and cared about his son. So hat’s off to that.

Criticism wise, there really isn’t much that I can think of off the top of my head. While yes, there were a few spelling and punctuation issues that could be found here and there, that’s nothing a good editor couldn’t clean up, which, from your author notes, I can tell you are on the lookout for one. One thing that I found a bit rushed was the scene where Ranma listed off everything that Ryoga did wrong. Maybe it was the way you worded it, but I kind felt it sounded, well, “scripted”, if that makes any sense. I think Ryoga is a bit too hardheaded to just up and say sorry. I mean, the guy chased after Ranma for years just because the guy stood him up in a fight! Just my opinion though.

I’m very interested to see where it goes from here, are we going to have Ranma and Ryoga wandering around China and causing various hijinks? Possibly in an attempt to get their curses fixed? Or are you going to have them head off back to Japan to meet up with some of the more familiar faces? Personally, I’m not entirely sure how I feel about the latter, as I find having to spend lengthy amounts of time covering those boring introduction scenes that we’ve all read before can really bring a story down. Oh well, I’m just pointlessly speculating right now, no reason to go assuming anything, right?

There are still so many ways this story could go though. I find this to be actually one of the more uniquely interesting story’s that is currently being updated right now. Once you get the plot really moving I think you’re gonna have something here.

So yeah, anyway, good luck with this thing. I hope to see it update soon, but I won’t rush you. One thing though, I’ve noticed that you appear to be rather enraptured by this Charles Townshend; I don’t really understand why, but, good on ya I suppose, everyone needs a muse.

Peace out! (I really only just typed that so I could have over 650 words in this review, ending it on 648 just felt wrong.)
4/26/2010 c2 2BonusPoints
Very interesting!

I already love what I'm seeing. I already feel bad for Ranma & Ryoga, and it's just getting started.

I especially enjoy how lively the dialog you write is, and it makes reading your fic a lot of fun.

Keep an eye on the punctuation, there are several places, especially at the end of the chapter, where it's forgotten or used incorrectly.
3/30/2010 c1 3Corsairs
What can I say? Awesome. This is a really fleshed out story. Beautiful description abound, yet not too much that it replaces the imagination of the reader.

Video Girl Ai is an aging manga, but it was one of the best out there. A sad ending. I actually hope this fanfiction would head out to be very similar. I'm all into humorous and tragic stories.

Please keep writing. Don't be turned off by the low reviews you have received. Just imagine that I equal to 100 reviews. :)
3/1/2010 c1 1Franzibald
Huh, now this is unique. I've never heard of this "Video Girl Ai" series, but your story is pretty darn good. You've got a nice set up going so far. Also, I really want to compliment you on that summery. You had me pulled in from the minute I read "spring of the drowned videotape".

There were a few spelling issues here and there. Such as "where" being mixed up with "were", as well as a few minor typos, ("environs" for example) but nothing that stopped me from enjoying the story.

The fight scene was good, it had some real nice emotion behind it, so kudos to that. I also would like to comment on the fact that you made good use of description, really helped paint a picture of what was going on. The dialog was also pretty funny for the most part.

Anyway, this could turn out to actually be a pretty fun story. So keep up the good work, and I hope to see more soon.
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