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1/10/2013 c1 6WholesomeToast
I will forever love this story.
Almost wish there was a sequel where the first Jack came back. His reactions to his now Joker son? That could work, maybe?

Anyway, awesome.
11/18/2012 c1 1mercyofdeath
um... the end? please, please please please please please please please please please please continue this storyu! pretty please?
9/4/2010 c1 1vibra
First, you have a talent for writing my dear. Each sentence was written beautifully and the meaning was there as well. I really enjoyed reading this and the thought you put into this was perfect and seen in the result. I felt sorry for Alice and humored by the gun scene. Anyway, poor Alice has no idea what that little fetus will turn out to be. It'll be Daddy Jack times ten. Great story!
4/4/2010 c1 StupidGord

Ah, ah -


OK, OK, I can speak now. That was brilliant. :) I love the idea of Alice's character, and Jack Sr's too. Great job!
4/2/2010 c1 TJ
wow O.O this fic is really something

:D nice job- I totally agree with everyone else here- it's different from the usual joker/OC which seems really really repitive and uncreative.

haha i can so imagine this-esp what the Joker's daddy's job was =) nice fic- I LIKE 8)
3/16/2010 c1 1klutzygal12
bit of a scary thought :)
3/3/2010 c1 WithLoveForever
I love it! Very original and different than the joker-falling-in-love-with-a-random-girl story. You should continue! can't wait if you do! :)
3/2/2010 c1 17kriitikko
Okay, I read summary and my first impression was that you've completely lost your marbles. However, I still took a look inside. Call it morbid curiosity.

Now, usually when I've faced possible ideas of Jack Napier' parents, or mother to be precise, they always come across as good people who refuse to see what he is becoming. This is the first time I've faced an idea that maybe mommy Napier wasn't such a princess herself. I'm intrigued by the idea of obviously troubled woman who fell in love with a killer (Harley anyone?) raising a child to become like his daddy. It would certainly explain things far easier than that he just happened to become like that.

Very interesting and, if I'm not mistaken, original idea, congrats for that.
3/1/2010 c1 justsimplymeagain
Wow, I love it. Talk about taking the Origin for The Joker right to the beginning XD

I wonder, would you consider doing another one like a sequel to after Jack was born or if Older Jack comes back and how he would react to the child however old it'll be.

Anyway's great story I enjoyed reading it.
3/1/2010 c1 13Kaya Nah
Now that I have had some coffee, I can finally send a review! lol

Wow, this certainly was something new, and something I did not expect! So, papa Jack was also a weirdo hey? It runs in the blood! lol

The way you describe how she feels about the "little bean" is...rather upsetting, and disturbingly believable, know what I mean?

There's two thing I need to point out. There's a place where you wrote: her think neck... I don't think you meant "think". ;)

Also...maybe you should change the rating for T. I mean... is rather sensitive and this is not for kids. I would not want it to get deleted because someone overzealous thought it was too...intense...for a K+ rating.

All in all, I think it was a great oneshot. Though I'm sad it's "only" a oneshot, because I would've taken much more of this masterpiece! ;)

Great job, as always! You need to be a published writer. I've said it more than once, but again you prove me that it is indeed something that should happen.I know you can do it. I'm your number 1 fan out here! :D


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