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10/4/2019 c31 Nurit
I am so happy you continued to write this story and publish it. I remember reading it a long long time ago and then you didn'tupdate it, and as you said yourself, life goes on. This week I was suddenly reminded of this story, I don't know why. I remember I loved it, it was more complex and interesting and well-written then other fanfics out there. You can imaging my suprise when I found out that you completed it. Such a good story, mature writing, interesting, and well written ending. Thank you!
10/4/2018 c31 FictionReader755
Love, love, love! I’m so glad you took the time to explain your inspiration for this story. I loved reading every chapter... I picked this up late in the game but still read every bit of it. I didn’t notice any contradictions but definitely got caught up in the story. I even set up the email notification function for updates of new posts. So happy for you to finish such a great story. After all this time, you must be very proud. Obviously, I was (am) a huge Third Watch fan. You really captured the essence of the series characters and truly brought your original characters to life. I like what you said about Liz. She is “every woman”. Great character. I’m very excited to read the avid reader
9/27/2018 c31 dorvell
Glad I discovered this story when I did and that you didn’t delete it. The only thing worse than a horribly written fanfiction is a good one that has, by all appearances, been abandoned and thank God you didn’t go that route!

Liz and Bosco struggle with health issues in the next story? Must be the result of being at ground zero; it’s well-documented that many, many, many first responders on that tragic day are now struggling with all sorts of health problems as the result of being exposed to God only knows what. I really hope they will be able to not only deal with whatever comes their way, but give Emily and Charlie a home as well; that’s exactly what faith, and now possibly Fred, would have wanted I’m sure.

I knew what “third watch“ was back when I was on; well, sort of. I saw a few promos for it, but never got around to watching it when it aired. The first clip I ever remember seeing from the show is the one where Alex dies in the finale of season four and when I found out exactly how she died, it really intrigued me; how could a primetime TV show on a major broadcast network get away with showing something so graphic, I wondered. I then watched the opening moments of the premier of the sixth and final season, “more monsters“ with the massive gun battle at the hospital. After watching that and then that entire episode, I started wondering if maybe the entire series was on YouTube or something. Well lo and behold, it was at that time and between March and May 2013, I blazed my way through the entire series. I have since bought the first couple seasons on DVD, and really, really, really hope the remaining four will eventually come out. It’s such a shame that despite keeping the show on for six seasons, NBC seemingly never really got behind it; rarely promoting it, booting it around the schedule every other season or so and yet, the fans followed it to wherever they put it. That really should have told them something.

I’m glad Liz was able to find the strength to bring Callahan home, just as he had brought her home however many times before and that Bosco was there to do it with her.

Wonder who Bosco sought in the crowd when he was finishing the marathon? Obviously Faith was one of the people, but who was the man?

Really looking forward to your next story, and thanks for the journey you have taken us on in this one!

Take care of yourself, and God bless!

Dorvell Stewart
9/13/2018 c29 FictionReader755
Said it before and I’ll say it again. Love this story. Very excited for the conclusion and the the sequel!
9/1/2018 c29 dorvell
So glad to see that piece of shit who is so unworthy to call himself a cop finally get his! The wait was well worth it, Carmen, and thanks for the update. I hope you’ll give us some glimpse into what ultimately happens to him; would love to see parts of his trial if there is one, and I hope there is, and maybe there will be a report about him being killed by his fellow inmates later on or something. Whatever happens to them, as long as it’s not him being cleared for whatever reason, he will have deserved it!

Also, really glad to see Bosco and Liz finally make up and I hope that with time, Bosco will begin to open up to her more about… Well… Everything.

Eagerly awaiting the final chapter of this story, and can’t wait to read the sequel!
7/1/2018 c28 dorvell
Hahahaha looks like the joke’s on you, Jackass Jackson! Can’t wait to find out how he will react when he realizes that Bosco survived.

Glad you chose not to kill him off in the towers; like I said in my review of the last chapter, that would have been like taking the easy way out. It’s certainly something he considered, disappearing and all that, but glad to know he will be getting his next chapter. I really hope it somehow involves Bosco, Liz, Sully and the rest of the gang as opposed to him being taken out by someone he owes money to or something like that; again, too easy.

Fantastic update and yet again, great job capturing the unspeakable horrors witnessed on that tragic September day in 2001.
6/17/2018 c27 dorvell
I am never sure when to check back to see when or even if this story has updated, as it’s so sporadic. It makes it very difficult to follow.

That said, I’m so glad I did earlier this morning!

Glad Liz was rescued from Mickey and those other scumbags, that they are all locked up, and you worked the September 11 attacks into this soUnbelievably well!

On that note, part of me hopes Jackson died in the towers, but I really hope you don’t go that route, as it would honestly feel a little… No… Quite anti-climactic. Would love to see him brought down and locked up for the rest of his life, or maybe even executed.

I’ll be sure to subscribe to this story, so I can get notified when you update from this point forward.
1/14/2018 c1 Guest
May I ask a question? I remember this story but I'm curious on updates. I see there was one just a few weeks ago. Was it updated again in the last year or so?

I don't recall where I left off last. Thanks for your help. I enjoy this one. You've done a great job.
9/23/2017 c24 FictionReader755
Love that you're still writing and that there will be a conclusion!
1/20/2017 c1 FictionReader755
I love this story, and I loved this show. Finally got through each chapter and I'm dying for more. This story is very well written and thoughtful. I just stumbled upon this and was very excited to see that this story continues to be updated by the author. Great stuff!
7/7/2016 c21 Dorvell
Great to see an update! I lost track of this story as it's been months since I last checked on it, but please continue updating! As I said in my review for the last chapter however long ago, you can't end it here! Faith, Emily, Charlie and Bosco deserve justice!
3/13/2016 c21 Diane 61
Please please please! Finish this story, you could do it in 1 more chapter!
3/3/2016 c21 Diane 61
Thank you so much for continuing the story.
It's on the edge of your seat reading!
Look forward to the rest!
Thanks again
2/17/2016 c1 Diane 61
Are you ever going to finish this story?
It's been so good! Disappointed if you don't
7/19/2015 c20 Bobbie1
Wow this was an incredible story. The two story lines with Sully and Ty and the Bosco and Liz were so perfectly intertwined. As a writer I enjoy the blend of speaking from characters and telling of the story. You did an excellent job with this and I applaud you for that.

My only regret is not knowing how this ends. While I tend to not read stories not listed as 'complete' I'm glad I read this one. The emotions are so heart wrenching with Faith's death, the funeral and aftermath of that, along with the story line of Bos and Liz. Then Sully and Ty storyline and how Sully is trying to rebuild their friendship is touching...I love the Bosco/Sully story and how he didnt give up on Bosco.

If you're able and have the chance I'd love a brief reply on how you saw this ending. If not, thank you for sharing your amazing writing talents.
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