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12/3/2014 c20 Dorvell
Please tell me you plan to write another couple of chapters or so. That's really all you'll need to wrap this up, because you can't, can't, CAN'T end it here! We need justice for Faith, her family and Bosco!
11/12/2012 c19 Guest
Enjoying this alot
10/31/2012 c19 sullyfan
I'm happy to see that Sully and Ty are back and working together with Liz and Bosco. Boscos last stunt was really good, Geidel is weak but he'll tell Brain and the jackson knows something will happen. Interesting to see how Sully, Ty and Liz will worj together at the 55.
10/29/2012 c19 32ackeberlynn
This chapter was really kickin' - you're really starting to move the plot along to finding justice for Faith. I like that. I tend to skim a lot of the stuff with Liz because she's an OC. But believe me - I'm still reading. :)
10/24/2012 c18 nurit
ooooh! she has a boyfriend! teehee :)
great chapter, although I wish the progress was a bit quicker, not much - just a little bit.
make him open the damn box already and that letter!

on the other hand, it's your story I am just the worshipping fan :)
9/18/2012 c17 Sullyfan
So Sully is finally coming forward, putting one and one together. If Jackson finds out, things will gettig worse. Interesting to see how Bosco will react to Sully's last statement.
5/17/2012 c16 rubadubdubbs
Thank you for such a quick return!

I enjoyed the exchange between Bosco and the kids in the car, it was good to 'hear' the old Bosco. I think the beat down he gave Fred was almost as theapeutic as his confession and breakdown with Liz.

Not sure how I feel about the drug deal not happening, but if anything, it may get Barksdale thinking that Bosco wasn't overly concerned about making the deal with him and that Bosco may be thinking about working with another dealer.

Hate that Mickey got to Liz, but didn't Bosco warn him after he went after Liz in the alley? I can taste some yummy Bosco payback.

Excited about the next chapter, let's go! :)
5/13/2012 c15 rubadubdubbs
I read ackebelynn's review before I wrote mine, and I agree with the critique of the flashbacks. I found myself skipping over parts of the flashbacks during my first read, but I did read them when I read the chapter a second time. It was Bosco's flashback, so having Faith's point of view seemed to mess with the effect.

I hadn't thought of Emily and Charlie since the funeral, but apparently Bosco had since he kept his old cell phone. Understandable, but not smart. I'm feeling sorry for Liz at this point. She might have feelings for Bosco, espcially after he saved her in the alley, but this is bad. The last chapter left me tense and worried about Sully and Davis, and although I know Bosco is suffering, Liz is being put at risk and now I'm worried about her too... this is a big surprise to me.

I think it's time for another long chapter. :)
5/10/2012 c15 ackeberlynn
Aw, geez, don't let her get hurt. That would not be fair to Bosco at all, and I don't think I could take it. :(

I appreciated the flashbacks for what they were, but I do think it caused some confusion/flow issues and lacked effect, as they are written mostly from Faith's perspective of the accident (copied from an earlier chapter). Yet if Bosco was truly having flashbacks, they would only contain memories from his POV.

Does that make sense?

The rest is very well-written, as usual. :)
4/25/2012 c14 rubadubdubbs
I like how you are building it up and slowly making connections between the plots.

Nice use of the hooker as the link in the chain. Leaving us with the critical link walking away while a paranoid Jackson watches, was a wonderful touch of evil suspense.

Waiting for the next chapter!
4/23/2012 c14 ackeberlynn
I'm still reading...I can't not read it, you write so well.

For some reason, this chapter, I pictured Liz as that girl from the movie "Remember Me". That dancing scene kinda had that feel to it. I still miss the old '55 feel though, and I miss Faith. But I'm glad Bosco is gradually healing.
3/13/2012 c13 rubadubdubbs
A New Chapter! :)

Not only was this a long chapter, but it answered a lot of questions for me. I was getting lost in some of the undercover aspects, but now I understand the plan.

I knew Sully wouldn't rest until he got answers, but didn't think Liz would be looking too, although for a different reason. They are both good cops, that's why they ended up at the same place.

Will Sully involve Davis? He might not want to pull him in deeper, but not knowing could get Davis killed since Jackson and Geidel will assume he knows what Sully knows. What will Sully do with the info from Geidel's hooker? I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm almost more interested in what Sully is doing than what Bosco is doing right now. Sully finding Faith's killers has become more important than the case that Bosco and Liz are working. The story is centered around the event of Faith's death. How can Bosco find redemption and justice if he isn't involved in the take down of Jackson and Geidel? See how you get me all worked up and worried! Now I have to wait for the next chapter. :(

Thank You!
3/13/2012 c13 ackeberlynn
Finally! I've been waiting for Sully to get his rear in gear! So glad that he and Liz met up and talked.
3/13/2012 c13 sullyfan
Yes it was long one, but a good one too. I liked the interaction between Liz and Sully - took me by surprise that these two met and talk about Bosco. Sully is right - Bosco will has her back no matter what, she can trust.

The ending was great, now Sully has his hint to go on with his investigation.
2/3/2012 c12 sullyfan
Ok to be honest, I was hoping for more Sully stuff, but you can' get everything you want. The chapter was intense, I was surprised that the cops didn't kill Bosco, and he made it our alive.

Now I'm curious to see if the prostitute has some connection to Sully.
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