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for Cold blood

1/17 c3 Guest
Wow, you made Hermione a bit of a flippant bimbo here. It'd be hard to forgive someone for the ordeal, especially if she thinks so little of me that she offers sex simply to show how much she really is sorry & how much she cares. That in itself is (almost) a bigger disrespect than her letting some guy feel her up because some other guy is being a douche. Maybe you can work it out believably in the next few chapters but Harry is right as rain to be highly pissed off at her & to let her prove she is sincere and not a fangirl of the "dashing Harry Potter".

Good stuff though.
1/6 c30 Danfyr
excellent story just noticed in chapter 30 that you have Neville giving up his wand and later in the chapter him floating the tiara
12/28/2022 c34 JimSilver
But did Hermione lay an egg or birth a child with wings? And not a clutch of eggs?
More epilogue with babies from all the original group first turned please, cuteness ahoy!
12/8/2022 c3 Guest
Lol it was a kiss. I get a cheater us a cheater, but it was just a kiss.
12/5/2022 c35 Jemma Blackwell
Totally awesome story, and very original. I enjoyed immensely.
12/4/2022 c33 Jemma Blackwell
I love this chapter title
11/11/2022 c4 Red's Melancholy
What a joke. Starting a relationship built off pettiness and betrayel only works in.. oh wait, nothing. It doesn't work ever.
11/11/2022 c4 Red's Melancholy
What a fucking joke. Show me one relationship irl that works after your partner cheats on you and I'll concede. You've made harry a dragon that is okay with his girlfriend cheating on him. What a fucking bitch. Also, for your asinine comparison that Hermione would do this to Harry because of what she did with Cormac, she wasn't dating Ron at that time you dumbass.
11/3/2022 c35 keht.jelicho
great story, and I have enjoyed the endnotes/meta snippets (both the interesting bits about your personal life and the various minion torture and dark lord stuff)
Your Draculea stuff is really interesting and if any part of the story is disappointing it is simply that the story isn't long enough to have room to further explore that.
10/27/2022 c35 twicethejo2000
Thank you for the story!
10/27/2022 c34 Floral Schultz
Thank you for this wonderful story. I loved it.
10/26/2022 c23 twicethejo2000
I'm getting Harry's A Dragon And That's Okay vibes now.
10/25/2022 c3 Dark Lord Ac
It was good until chap 3. Why? let's just say. Self respect. That fkng forgiveness...
10/24/2022 c7 twicethejo2000
I was right!
10/24/2022 c6 twicethejo2000
Miss Granger, Mister Potter. I am well aware of the pressure that has been put upon both of you this year, both by your peers as well as by me…" he started, and made a short pause in his speech when HE CAUGHT THE EYE OF HARRY.
Dumbledore knows. That's possibly what the meeting was about.
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