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for Cold blood

9/12/2021 c35 7theaceoffire
The important thing is to make something that you enjoy having written.

Take it from someone who has a hard goddamn time finishing his own stupid stories! You did good.
9/12/2021 c35 KalAeon
I've actually been re-reading this fic for the last few days, so I still had that seen in recent memory. This new version does fit much better with their later interactions with Krum, and with Krum's general characterization, well done.
9/12/2021 c35 1Warrof
Chapter 3 near the bottom for anyone who doesn't remember.

I dunno, I just reread that scene, I think it was better before...
It always made sense in my mind that the famous quidditch player was willing to take advantage of girls throw themselves at him, but actually feel bad when he misinterpreted the situation due to cultural differences. (I know of some real life examples of that.)

I do however love that you also altered the following chapter to remove mentions of the original mess up to keep continuity.
9/12/2021 c35 1Vbkar
This was a good change. It makes Krum less of a sleeze, which makes the later scenes with him as a friend more plausible. Well done
9/12/2021 c35 21katmom
Lovely to see you!
What chapter was that?
9/12/2021 c35 13Fencer22
Look it’s cool that you rewrote a scene that bothered you and even cooler that you left an AN so people would know why it popped up in there inbox but it’s been a long time since I read this last. I don’t think anyone knows what scene you are talking about. Or even what chapter. If anyone wanted to know they would have to reread the entire fic. Which yeah I enjoyed this one but really?
9/12/2021 c35 stewmorg
chapter 3 or 4, the yule ball scene or the sence after
9/12/2021 c35 U-233
It's a nice story. But, when you post that note at the end, it would help if you mentioned which chapter the scene in question was in.
9/12/2021 c35 3Bahamut Slayer
Well that definitely went better than the last time. The previous one had Harry blow up to such a reaction when the mistake and misunderstanding wasn't as nasty. Hermione was more at fault and Krum was like being used by her, trying to get back to Ron.

At least this way it eased the burden on Hermione, not completely, and Harry's reaction was better too.
9/12/2021 c35 heartfanglives
Which scene was that? And any chance you might return to writing? Either hp or otherwise? Loved you old works.
9/12/2021 c35 Calebros
Which one? :)
9/12/2021 c35 Dragonrider314
Okay, I have to ask. Which scene was updated?
9/11/2021 c1 4djextinct13
This updated and I don’t remember what it’s even about cause the description is pretty vague
9/11/2021 c34 sfu
This updated somehow...
9/4/2021 c34 TorstenL
Great story!
Thanks for your hard and good work!
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