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for Cold blood

8/12/2021 c9 Guest
And Dumbledore can't figure out why Harry loathes Snape? It's really true - geniuses are dumbasses!
8/12/2021 c7 Guest
Just once, ONCE, when Dumbledore asks Harry why he hates Snape so much, I'd like to see an author have Harry tell Dumbledore just why, in all the ways that Snape is such a piece of shit
8/13/2021 c34 Malabolg
I am a sucker for 'Harry becomes a critter' stories, and this is a fine example.
8/9/2021 c22 Lolkar
Why did Harry return to the Dursleys? What was the point? Also why didnt Bill noticed that the cup was portkey to different location, he is supposed to be the best according to you. And why they didnt look for Cedtic at the cementery right away?
8/7/2021 c3 Seud
‘So, flame onand for those who think Hermione would never stoop that low, one wordMcLaggen.'

I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to say that’s more than a little ridiculous and prove it as well. The issue with McLaggen in sixth year is a whole other ball game. First, Hermione wasn’t already in a relationship. Second she didn’t even think about spreading her legs for him. Yes, both cases she did this to make Ron jealous and prove him wrong in some capacity.

The key difference, which could not further separate these two instances if you tried, is that in one situation Hermione isn’t in a relationship and in the other, she is. That’s essentially the difference between the atom and the asteroid that killed off the dinosaurs.

This isn’t even mentioning why she would care about what Ron was saying anyway. He said she can’t get a date? She could have got Harry to pull the stunt with her instead, just her having her thoughts go to another man, instead of the one she’s with, is so very telling.

Sometimes I have a bad dayor even weekand just want to watch the world burn. I can only assume you were in a particularly bad mood and just wanted to vent by adding drama in your story, I’ve done that too. I just don’t post those chapters, they tend to come off badly even to me, and I think I’m the next Tolkien. (Not really)

I’ll get myself worked up and write out in anger, forcing sub-plots and drama out of nothing with my characters, because I’m just in that type of mood one day. Doesn’t matter if the reasons are ill thought out or childish, sometimes you just gotta vent. You saw a semblance of an opportunity, was given a bad excuse, and took the opportunity. Only problem is you posted it, never post things written in a fit. If you feel like posting, wait a couple hours or a day to calm down and then see if the chapter should be posted.

Hopefully this was the case with you, I wouldn’t know what to think if you couldn’t see the clear differences between these two instances.
8/6/2021 c3 Lolkar
To your last comment about McLaggen. Hermione in 6th book is so ooc that its not even pretty. Hermione from previous years wouldnt do that.
8/6/2021 c4 Lolkar
It was Hermione who broke that silence. She contently sighed and snuggled deeper into his arm. "Why couldn't we do this yesterday?" She asked wistfully.
Maybe becouse you are stupid little slag? Seriously how can Harry not be angry at her anymore? Does not make sense. She confessed that she did not know how far she would go with Krum...
8/6/2021 c2 Lolkar
Pomfrey is really useless healer, or she is confounded so she makes a lot of mistakes.
8/5/2021 c25 7Aqua Lilly
( in response to the title of this chapter)

General Kenobi!

(sorry, had to )
7/18/2021 c17 N. A. Wennerholm
Got a real kick out of Mary Poppens Reference.
7/17/2021 c3 N. A. Wennerholm
This reminds me of the actions of to many damned teenaged students I have seen over the years including during my own teenage years And to put 4huling bluntly I never did any of this shit once because I knew better and taking into account the fact that my parents and grandparents raise be to know the consequences and purpose of dating. and you don't start until you are ready to find your marriage mate.
7/2/2021 c19 UnknownDoc
I know I just made a negative comment, but also I do not think the story is bad, just that point only pissed me off. The theme of the story and the little touches you have added make this story very interesting to read. So thank you for something new.
7/2/2021 c19 UnknownDoc
You know I was enjoying your story till now and then you suddenly forgive of all things, attempt to RAPE. I'm sorry but this crime is not something relatively minor like ragging or something. This is a crime of the highest order and it's not something that can be just let go because Dumbledore and Potter had a stare off. I'm sorry but this is something that I cannot agree with nor ignore and I had comment and write this down. I mean SERIOUSLY!
6/18/2021 c23 Sparkling Ratemis
Spectacular turn of events. I love how you portray the bulgarians, it just never made sense that all nations would be as behind as magical britain. And the way you play with muggle stories and their 'real' counterparts. Awesome!
6/16/2021 c7 Sparkling Ratemis
I usually keep my comments till the end, but I have to vomment after this AN. Seriously, those ANs would make it worth reading all on there own. Anyway I really like where this story is going, as I have no clue what's going to happen next. Your fix for the tournament was also a new one for me, so bravo. Thanks for writing and sharing this story with us lowly and worthless minions.
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