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for Cold blood

9/9 c35 ak
re bonne fic!
umbridge n'était elle pas ministre par intérim? le temps d'élir un nouveau ministre!
9/3 c24 redeyehawk23
I want to see this but instead of the dragon he turns because Hedwig pecked him. Owlboy
8/23 c4 Dominator1214
Yeah, im done. no one should take someone back after they cheat on them. if they do it once they can do it again. there are no excuses.
8/23 c4 Dominator1214
if harry takes hermione back, im done. the difference between McLaggen and what she did, is that she and Ron werent dating. she was trying to make him jealous. here she just cheated on harry because she is petty.
8/14 c35 Guest
Rereading again, still love this unique and comprehensive take. Would have loved to have seen Harry petrify as a basilisk, the dragon was just marvelous. Also liked the practical details like the clothing. Thank you for writing.
8/15 c28 ChaoticTyrant12
so, are we just Ignoring the fact that Tonks has not only both Actively groomed Neville (who at the time is 15 at most), but is oddly being defended by Hermione's mother? if the roles were reversed would any of them be as chill with this as they seem? this is a 20- something woman going after a 15 year old boy, nothing bout their "relationship" would be accepted if this was an over 20 man going for a 15 year old Girl, Nor should it be. This combined with how quickly swept under the rug Romilda's attempted Rape was paints a disturbing picture of how relationships work in this Author's mind.
8/12 c14 jun lane see see
I'm a male and I see no problem with males/females examining opposite sex. They aren't there to ogle the opposite genders, just making sure everything is ok with the patients.

I know there are some cases of doctors abusing their position, but most aren't like that and usually nothing at all to worry about. Just thought having that debate, argument, reaction was a bit much. I'm not sure I even want to continue reading this story.
8/5 c22 Boomshanka
So... werewolves are bad.

But what's badder? A weredragon, specially one who can shapeshift at will!
7/27 c3 Guest
And how would that sort of exposure and willingness to go for a couch even show her "love" for him? While she didn't care about the others nearby while being in a deep kiss with someone else and wishing for more. Cuz that sorta means she wouldn't really mind about having sex relationships with someone without others' gaze around - her official boyfriend or not. If she doesn't keep her self-awareness to that level of limiting oneself enough.
Though yea, if there'd be no her around then Potter would've ended up alone as well, so maybe there's that part to at least push oneself to forgive that sort of behavior. But then I doubt there's a big reason to go back to being in a "love"-relationship after such trust-losing issue. But then still there's a chance ofc, like usually. even though it requires a lot of effort to somewhat mend it...
Somehow there's a low number of popular fanfics with post-NTR breakup.
7/24 c35 V2H
Overall, very good story. Good use of the half-dragon gimmick. Neither the title nor the description are very helpful though.
7/24 c4 Ali.sour
This is misogynistic.
7/3 c3 nahfthar
Hermione is trash and can never be trusted. Anything else is pure fantasy as not being possible. Once a cheat always, and Harry who was abuses and desire love now knows she can't be trusted.

In the real world he would either never get back together or would as a cuck or the new abuser as so many abused turn out to be.

As I am not into angst bs let alone where this is probably heading with everything smoothing over or shi I'll just leave.
7/2 c35 18Deonne
So I just read this from start to finish, and I loved it.
6/21 c4 Guest
Yeah fuck this masochistic bullshit. You got problems dude.
6/21 c3 Guest
Harry being a dick there. It's not like he caught Hermione fucking Krum. And if they were really bf/gf they wouldn't have went to the ball with other people, with whom a kiss at the end isn't unexpected. I say Hermione should dump his jealous ass.
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