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for Cold blood

2/25/2022 c5 Guest
What's with giving Hermione a wide butt? She's the slimmest girl in the school, next to Ginny and then Luna. She's also fairly short. You can't have her have no waist and also a wide butt, claiming she has a pear shape. Physical bodies don't work that way. Your descriptions make no sense.
2/25/2022 c3 Guest1138
(sighs) I really hate unnecessary drama! You just had to go and ruin a great premise by removing Harry's trust in his sole remaining friend. Bravo, you jerk. He'll never treat her the same ever again. It changes the entire feel and scope of the story... their dynamic of being each other's best friends... and now Harry's alone and will use her for her brains and body, while she is only someone to keep him company. He'll never trust her with his heart again.
What a waste! If you ever come back to fix this travesty, just remove those last few paragraphs (and leave the argument with Ron a verbal one where she outs Harry as her actual boyfriend). The taint of betrayal, Harry's worst fear from his only friend, makes the story stink to high heaven. I actually don't want to read much more because of it. Neither Harry nor I will recover from it.
2/24/2022 c32 39Rico Perrien
I love the way you let Umbridge hang herself. Well done, and long overdue.

They should have also mentioned the Dementor attack.
2/23/2022 c31 Rico Perrien
You have a really nasty sense of humour. I like it.
2/23/2022 c7 fanficfan1981
any other author I would think that Harry leaving the tournament was just a cop out but with this author I can't wait to see what comes out of it...
2/22/2022 c4 fanficfan1981
bummer I wish that we could have seen the fight between the twins and Harry since they are so usually so supportive of him.
2/11/2022 c35 Guest
This story was amazing!
2/12/2022 c14 Rico Perrien
As Artie Johnson used to say on Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In "Verry interesting"
2/11/2022 c35 Fanficfan2148

What a fantastic read, thoroughly enjoyed it
1/20/2022 c8 loleo
could Hermione just shut her dump trap and don't always answer unasked questions? I hate that dumb unoriginal girl!
1/18/2022 c34 1thewingedmoose
This was a good well written and entertaining read. Glad I found it. cheers!
1/17/2022 c26 Dayside
Jesus I hate these fucking muggles. Wish you didn't write them in, they're so fucking annoying.
1/16/2022 c1 ijared0909
I will never forgive you on this story, Harry and Hermione are dating. then she snogs Krum to make Ron jealous?
No way, I'll never finish this
1/12/2022 c34 RoyalsRulez
Good story, first I've read like it. Literally read this whole thing in 2 days, no reason for the M rating. A strong T rating maybe, but no, not an M
1/14/2022 c13 3SheWhoLivesInHell
I'm gonna be honest, I read this the first time for the H/Hr
but I reread it for the Sophie/Sirius
they're so adorable
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