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for Cold blood

1/16/2022 c1 ijared0909
I will never forgive you on this story, Harry and Hermione are dating. then she snogs Krum to make Ron jealous?
No way, I'll never finish this
1/12/2022 c34 RoyalsRulez
Good story, first I've read like it. Literally read this whole thing in 2 days, no reason for the M rating. A strong T rating maybe, but no, not an M
1/14/2022 c13 3SheWhoLivesInHell
I'm gonna be honest, I read this the first time for the H/Hr
but I reread it for the Sophie/Sirius
they're so adorable
1/13/2022 c35 Lokiragnarock
1/10/2022 c5 RoyalsRulez
Umm, why didn't he use the map?
1/5/2022 c1 11Astroman1000
Damn, Fawkes screeching while Pomfrey calmly ignores hims seconds after he helped her heal Harry better comes off as a horror movie scene.
1/1/2022 c9 1Galeiam
Imagining Matchstick's dialogue running through Snapes head right now lol.
12/31/2021 c4 22stevem1
I like Harry’s reaction to run. It is draconic (which I think is the thrust of the story). His reaction to Hermione is anything but. It’s kind of pathetic.
12/31/2021 c3 stevem1
Yeah, I don’t think Harry should be forgiving Hermione. It would be one thing if they weren’t dating, but they were. So she’s established she’ll through her relationship under a bus if it means getting even with someone else. The phrase, fool me once, shame on you- Fool me twice, shame on me, comes to mind.
12/31/2021 c35 mineralwasserflasche
Nice rewrite! I do prefer the new version - thanks for taking the time and effort!
12/25/2021 c25 Guest
Wait a sec; Harry's great at runes and enchanting now! He could get a giant plush teddy for Norbie, enchant the crap out of it, and then Norbie wouldn't need to kill any more brown bears for toys and pillows! Ooooh, they need to take a picture of that, of Norbert playing and cuddling with his new Indestructi-bear, and send it to Hagrid!
12/26/2021 c35 Ironcoil
I truly love this story, have come back and re read it a couple times. You really have a talent and I truly hope your muse will give you ideas for future stories as you have a way to really play with this universe to create something new.
12/23/2021 c4 17madie080802
Yikes, and then the eyes!
12/23/2021 c3 madie080802
12/21/2021 c3 Guest
Kind of ridiculous.
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