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for What Dreams May Come

7/3/2010 c5 Crystalline Arch
I like it! This kind of dream kind of mystical, beautiful but such a nightmare. Anyway, a little correction (maybe you're just miss-type it), it's 'chire', not 'cheir', right?^^ I hope they'll relize their feeling toward each other immediately^^
7/3/2010 c4 Crystalline Arch
At last, a real one... I thought it's a dream too^^ I've found that Rukia is admiring, deeply respect and also little scared of Byakuya (actually, I thing she scared to make a mistake in front of Byakuya)
7/3/2010 c3 Crystalline Arch
it makes me curious... what's the meaning of those dreams?^^ I think they must get over it...together^^
7/3/2010 c2 Crystalline Arch
So, the nightmare isn't just happened for Rukia, it's also for Byakuya... I wonder, what kind of phenomenon is this?^^
7/3/2010 c1 Crystalline Arch
Thank God it's just a dream... I really can't imagine noble talk like that and Byakuya hit Rukia is unacceptable. it's such a nightmare, yet it's interesting^^
6/19/2010 c9 vicky
Another beautyfully written chapter. I want more! So please update soon and I mean soon! :-)) Thank you very much!
6/18/2010 c9 8BlackBurningHeart
Ohhh, is pretty Fic...I like it very much :D...

The relation beetween them is so...stanger but sweet...3


See you...Bye
6/17/2010 c9 201SuperKawaii
Sweet chapter and a nice moment.
6/17/2010 c9 erin
love this chapter :) thanks for updating!
6/8/2010 c8 vicky
Thank you so much for updating! This chapter was so amazing! And the way your write... I hope you will update soon! I have to know what happens! :-)
6/8/2010 c8 sashalilith
So far it has been nice.. Internal conflicts and restless minds.. Story of their life.. Do continue,.. And don't make us wait for too long. :)
6/6/2010 c8 1SuperKawaii
sweet chapter on Rukia' thoughts, very in character for the both of them. I want to see the next.
5/25/2010 c7 1SuperKawaii
One of your best chapters. You convey emotion well from Bya pov. I really liked the dream it made sense for the situation of the characters. You've come so far since I found your first story, you should be really proud. Keep it up and continue your writing.
5/24/2010 c7 vicky
Finally! :-)) I love your story! I want more! :-))) Update soon and I mean soon! :-)) Thank you very much!
4/26/2010 c6 bluemisttears
write more chapters...about how their relationship deepen...


Good story!
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