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3/3/2010 c1 Pagan-Angel13
Good story. Enjoyable read.
3/2/2010 c1 ChamberlinofMusic
OMG! I loved the angst! LOL! I was completely surprised when I discovered this fic in my inbox! Thank you so much for this angst ridden ficlet that had me rooting for Chloe and her plan to get Oliver back on track. This was definitely a fun read and again I thank you for the dedication! I loved IT! :)
3/2/2010 c1 30Nienna Tinehtele
This was good :) I liked it even though Ollie turned away from Chloe and is involved in his despair that he can't see anything else. Are you going to do a sequel that goes into Roulette? cuz I think that would be awesome lol. great job!

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