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for The Security Tapes

3/15/2011 c5 Guest
More chapters please:)
7/9/2010 c5 46Tiryn
I love that! It's too hilarious to not ignore! I can't wait to read what you have next for the Organization. I have to say, it's fun to mess with the Organization's heads ^-^
5/22/2010 c5 KingdomHearts2010
*claps* This is funny as heck. Please write more. Even though I wasn't really laughing at all, I was grinning my face off. Kind of a clear sign that if I could laugh, I could...but sadly, I can't laugh. I wish I could though, this is funny as hell!
4/14/2010 c5 NeviChaos
I wonder how much money Larxene could make from selling that tape to Marluxia.
4/14/2010 c5 8TheOtherKeybladeMaster
3/12/2010 c4 1Laxita2688
Oh god...

XD This is pure gold! I can't wait to see Saix' or Demyx' tapes! X3
3/8/2010 c1 NeviChaos
Oh I Definitely want to read about whatever it is that will cause Xemnas to become the laughing stock of the Organization, even if only for one tape.
3/6/2010 c3 6Sora-chan120
How about someone other than axel has a severe case of 'Roxas-Stalking Syndrome'

THAT would be funny...
3/4/2010 c3 2Buka2000
Makes me wonder what the ring was for. All in all a good chapter. Now my curiosity is piqued. I know who it was for ^^;

But I hope you both keep up the good work.
3/4/2010 c3 5MassacreAngel
lol. This fanfic is hilarious! Plz update soon.
3/4/2010 c3 jadegirl4
*yeah im too lazy to sign in* awsome story make more chapters
3/4/2010 c1 Anonymous Invalid

this is RUBBISH!

and the bit where demyx yells 'SUPERIOR!' is missing, all that is left is the '!'

my life is now ruined

i mean

the life of the invalid who wrote this is now ruined



i actually wrote up xemnas' part last night :o

i mean

ShinigamiApples wrote it out...


the internet's just lame, so i cba logging in

yeah, totally

so this was totally lame

& the person who wrote this prologue should be hung out to dry



she doesn't understand complex vectors! D:

stupid... stupid vectors...

From a person who is most definately NOT ShinigamiApples


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