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for My Brother's Wife

5/23/2020 c8 xxx
Update once or twice a month?
I think you're a little late.
As I said before, I'll consider your companion
piece to this story the actual ending.
3/3/2020 c8 SeoulXin87
Wow, I never thought that this story will be updated more but guess I was wrong. Finally some updated and well I've re read this story and I still want to really know what happened. Finally in this chapter got some glimpsed about the I am more curious about the snippets of story about Reito and Shizuru are they really something. And some more I never thought that Natsuki got deeper feelings for Shizuru and maybe all those hatred she felt for Shiz is because she still love her and some part is about his brother dying. Gosh i really would love to hear from this story again.
11/15/2019 c8 firalsia
Please come back, i really want to know the end of this story...
8/18/2019 c8 1After9O9
Has this story been abandoned?
7/27/2019 c8 elizabeth charlotte
pls update
7/27/2019 c8 elizabeth charlotte
hi, where's the update?
12/25/2018 c7 Amethyst Rena
I can't believe such an author exist! you're amazing and now I am one of you're lucky fangirls to read and re-read this one I just can't get enough!
12/25/2018 c1 Amethyst Rena
I feel really bad for shizuru and sad for natsuki but interesting! This is getting really interesting! I can't stop re-reading this and hope author -San don't stop working for the up coming chapter! We need more update! Thank you and godbless...
12/1/2018 c8 Amethyst Rena
Update please...
11/11/2018 c8 Hookedonreading
Greetings BuRiChiFaN! Cough...knock..knock...are you home? Is your muse back? Please just want to eat and have some new chapters on this fic "My Brother's wife". It's been a very long year and waiting outside is not fun or conductive to your readers health!

Please...pretty please! New chapter!

Take care and hope you get inspired to come back and finish this wonderfully written and great storyline!

7/12/2018 c8 moonlight 282
please updated!
5/27/2018 c8 kaynebat
Wow I love this! Will be watching for future updates
4/24/2018 c1 harusky127
Hi! Pls update this story its so interesting.. Thanks!
12/31/2017 c8 Mitch
Do update them. ~~
11/26/2017 c8 Ki
Thank u for updating. Can't wait for next chapter ...very excited
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