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2/3/2017 c1 1gabelou1991
J'aime bien et on est vraiment entrer dans l'univers.
2/11/2013 c1 2Paisley13
Loved it!
8/25/2010 c1 7157yrs
This was nice. It's the comforting closure between Spike and Buffy that the series lacked. I really liked it.
3/14/2010 c1 24ObsessedwReading
I love this! adds to favorite's!
3/7/2010 c1 20applemysteries
Yay! You so have to keep there letters going on! You right both of them (Spike&Buffy) really well. :D Keep it up, please!
3/4/2010 c1 4twilightromance4ever
wonderful! :) are you planning on writing another? Or a time when they get back together or something? that would be awesome! kudos to you. this was lovely.

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