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for 1: Aliens, Time Travelers, Espers, and the Doctor

9/8/2019 c11 4TheBilliantOne
Should've had him say "I don't wanna go."
3/9/2013 c6 Ecila
Rose... Rose... Don't get me wrong, she was awesome but the whole...conversation at the end of her companionship was king of... I dunno, it gave me this weird queasy feeling and I was somehow disgusted and disappointed at the same time, like when two friends, a guy and a girl, are really close, one of them is all like, 'I love you, now I have to go leave forever!', does that not make you SAD?
2/22/2012 c11 Daniel
A Really well made chapter. I recommend.

Um capĂ­tulo muito bem feito. Recomendo!
1/29/2012 c11 2X-overWizard
I think this saga will be pretty good. You should try the tv show Merlin and the game devil may cry, and just invade you'll use another anime use my favorite shugo chara.
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