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5/5/2018 c1 Truckee Gal
Amanda, being bowled over by Lee's passionate kiss, failed to notice how deeply he was affected. Now Lee's jealousy is firing on all cylinders yet he told Amanda their gazebo interlude was "just business." These two and the amount of time they waste because they don't reveal their hearts. Very well written and you caught them all perfectly!
1/27/2015 c1 2bsoulmates
I would love to read one done from The Wrong Way Home showing a jealous Lee. GREAT JOB!
2/20/2002 c1 7Momm2five
I don't know how the heck I missed this one!

I haven't seen this ep yet so I guess I'll have to wait but I liked your filler!
2/1/2002 c1 rsfanatic
Loved it, randi! You write so well. I only have a few more minutes before I have to get off the computer and this was a perfect little short story for me to read!
2/1/2002 c1 ec
Another fun one. I love it!
2/1/2002 c1 1kitty kat7
that was interesting! i loved the triplets names! great work!
2/1/2002 c1 19Stemwinder
A beautiful little what-it with just the right amount off romance between our favorite couple to whet my appitite for more! You truly do know how to weave a tale, Randi! 'til next time.
2/1/2002 c1 Rangerbaldwin
Considering this is AU, I don't mind the rhyming triplets. Lee certainly would have hit the jackpot with them! This was a cute little story. I think if I was Amanda I'd have slapped Lee for kissing me like that and then saying it's just business...not business to her! Ranger B.

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